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#FlightCuddles are taking over. And you can book all of them with points.

This week we set the internet ablaze with a new hashtag. It’s not #foodporn or #loveisland – just #FlightCuddles. It turns out, after years of trying to help people find great deals, what everyone is actually most interested in, is just finding an airplane seat in any cabin, where they can cuddle up with someone at 33,000 feet.

In an effort to exponentially increase the number of flight cuddles per day, we decided to make a list of all the seats in every possible cabin – even economy!!!! –  in which you can have cuddles. Oh – and we’ve also included how to do it with points, In case you’re into that sort of thing…

a bed in an airplane

Etihad Apartment

This incredible, flying apartment offers more space than some people’s actual bedrooms. With a fully flat 6 foot 10 inch bed, separate armchair, privacy doors and even more floor space, you can eat, sleep, move and relax in pure comfort and seclusion.

And, the best bit, select suites allow for the middle divider to pop down (at least for half your body) so if you’re flying with someone you adore, you can snuggle, chat and lay eye to eye in bed, just like at home. The picture above shows the two suites, with the partition down.

Which plane(s): Airbus A380. Sadly, it may not return.

How to book it with points: Book these #FlightCuddles using Etihad Guest miles, Asiana Club miles, American Airlines AAdvantage miles and more. You can also transfer Citi Points, Amex Points and SPG Points to make it happen. Our favorite way to book can be found here.

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Singapore Suites

Make no mistake, this is the most square footage in the skies. It’s hard to believe something larger than a New York City hotel room actually exists at 30,000 feet; but Singapore Airlines has once again proven that seemingly impossible luxury on an airplane can exist.

Not only does your individual cabin ooze style and comfort, it can also be turned into a full on double room when your cuddle buddy traveling next to you agrees for the divider to be taken down. Dine together, watch movies together and sleep together (yes, we mean sleep). A 13 hour flight has never gone so fast. The picture says it all.

Which plane(s): Airbus A380.

How to book it with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with Singapore KrisFlyer points or by transferring Citi ThankYou points, Chase points, Amex points or SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) points to the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Program.

a woman reading a book to a girl lying in a bed

Qatar QSuites

You don’t need to fly first class to enjoy a “double” bed in the skies. Qatar Airways new “first in business” QSuites offer select middle seats where couples may enjoy the utmost privacy, with two seats together.

They’re great for dining, the bedding is heavenly and the soft touches are borderline immaculate, but to make things completely over the top, the crew can even take down the divider to bring you even closer together, with the benefit of a fully enclosed door. Just don’t get any wild ideas.

Which plane(s): Boeing 777-300, Airbus A350.

How to book it with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with Qatar Airways Privilege Club miles, American Airlines, AsiaMiles or any other OneWorld currency. You can transfer Amex, Citi, Chase or SPG points for this experience. Best way to book? Here.

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Virgin Atlantic A330-200 Love Suite

Virgin Atlantic has definitely made the best out of tricky situation, in true Virgin Atlantic style.  The airline recently leased two Airbus A330-200 airplanes, and is giving them a definitive Virgin makeover, adding direct aisle access, increased tray table space and you guessed it… a double bed set up at select middle seats, dubbed “the love suite”.

Oh yes, love is in the air. You just can’t make this stuff up. These double beds will be flying to the Caribbean, Atlanta, New York, LA and San Francisco, giving plenty of opportunity for a cuddle – and just a cuddle.

Which plane(s): Airbus A330-200.

How to book it with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles, Delta Skymiles, Amex Points, Citi Points, Chase Points or SPG Points.

a bed and chairs in a plane

Singapore New Business Class

Singapore Suites may offer more privacy, but two cuddle buddies would be hard pressed not to love the double bed middle seats in Singapore Air’s newest business class cabin. These seats are as “new car smell” new as it gets, only richer. They’re on new planes $100million dollar planes.

For full cuddle effect, the flight crew can lower the partition which would (thankfully) separate two strangers who are not cuddle buddies, thus turning into a completely dreamy in flight set up. Make sure you check the seat layout to get the middle seats closest together.

Which plane(s): select Airbus A380. Currently flying between Singapore, London, Sydney.

How to book it with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with Singapore KrisFlyer points or by transferring Citi ThankYou Points, Chase points, Amex points or SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) points to the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Program.

a row of seats in an airplane

Thai Airways Royal Silk Business

Thai Airways has some seriously long flights, and a good cuddle at 33,000 feet only helps the journey along. The airline’s SOLSTYS seat offers the same, wonderful flat bed set up you’ll find on Etihad, Asiana and Virgin Atlantic.

The divider may not allow for uninhibited encroachment on your cuddle buddy, but you’ll be eye to eye in total comfort. And yep, we’re too lazy to write about them all and use the word “cuddle” again, but Etihad and Asiana offer the same seat on their Airbus A380’s as well.

Which plane(s): Airbus A350, select Boeing 777.

How to book with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with United MileagePlus, Air Canada Aeroplan, Avianca LifeMiles and any other Star Alliance currency. You can also use Amex, Citi, Chase or SPG points to book.

a room with rows of seats and a man sitting on the side

British Airways Club World

The middle seats on British Airways Club World have long been the seat selection of choice for helpless romantics, and businessmen who don’t know any better!

These extremely cozy seats are in the middle of the plane, and although there are no doors, they’re very private when in sleeping mode, not that you should get any ideas about that! You do have neighbors on either wing, after all. But seriously, if you want to cuddle up, these are almost as good as any.

Which plane(s): Boeing 747, Airbus A380, Boeing 777.

How to book with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with British Airways or Iberia Avios or any other OneWorld currency. You can also transfer Amex, Chase or SPG Points to British Airways to make it happen. Best way to book? Here.

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Air New Zealand / ANA SkyCouch

Good news economy passengers, there really is a seat where cuddles are possible. The catch? The smaller you are, the better they’ll feel. Air New Zealand launched the revolutionary economy SkyCouch years ago, and now ANA will install the same setup on their new Airbus A380’s.

These seats have part of the seat fold up to make for an extra wide surface, before a seat cushion and duvet transform a row of economy seats into an amazingly solid bed. Two fairly fit people can theoretically squeeze together for a tight spoon!

Which plane(s): Air New Zealand 787, 777. ANA Airbus A380.

How to book with points: Book these #FlightCuddles with Air New Zealand, ANA Mileage Club, or any other Star Alliance currency. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club works too. You can also transfer Amex, Citi, Chase or SPG points to book these with one of their airline partners.

What’s your favorite #FlightCuddles option?

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  1. Hey my husband and I got to use Air New Zealand’ s sky couch, was almost like having a bed in first class… but I am just a little over 5 foot and my husband is 5’9 so we fit quite nicely and spooned all the way from North America to New Zealand non stop the flight attendants even came by for turn down service and placed a mattress topper on top of the 3 seats. A good nights sleep worth every penny on long flights. we paid for the seat between us I hadn’t seen your use points to purchase.
    We are spoiled now and on long flights cant stand basic seats.
    Also for what it’s worth Tahiti Nui’s basic economy seats seem to have a much greater recline.

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