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The best flying experiences, for fewer miles…

Trying to spend fewer miles to score unforgettable first and business class flights? It’s time to take a deep dive into one of the most underrated loyalty programs out there, which can save you 60,000 points or more – for the flights you want to take. We’re talking about AsiaMiles, and even if you’ve never heard of the program – you may still have the credit card points you need to take advantage of this incredibly lucrative program for first and business class flights, on over 16 of the very best airlines.

the inside of an airplaneHidden Chart

Ok – we admit, it’s not really hidden. Much like British Airways with their “hidden chart” for using your points to travel on more than one airline, AsiaMiles has one as well, found at the bottom of this page. We had no idea, until our friend Monkey Miles did an awesome post highlighting this. Basically, if your plans could potentially involve using points on more than one airline, you could save a ton of miles versus just using them to fly on one airline. In fact, even if your plans didn’t include using more than one airline – they probably should!

Creating Asia Miles

There are many ways to earn AsiaMiles with or without flying. You can earn AsiaMiles from flights on airlines like Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Qantas, British Airways, Finnair, American, Qatar, Iberia and others, just by entering your AsiaMiles frequent flyer number. The program is free and easy for all to join. You can also instantly create AsiaMile, by converting your American Express Membership Rewards or Citi Thank You Points into AsiaMiles. Yes, your credit card points can instantly become AsiaMiles and you can use them to unlock these cool tricks to save points on amazing flights anywhere around the globe.

Multi Partner Rates

AsiaMiles is tied to Cathay Pacific. When you want to use points, there’s a set rate for flights on Cathay Pacific or any of the airlines mentioned above. But when you want to make an itinerary that will use more than one airline – you’ll pay less miles. So for example, if you plan to fly Qantas, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines, you’ll pay less miles – even if the routes are the same – than you would’ve if you were only using Cathay Pacific. The savings? Easily up to 60,000 points. That could be enough for an entire other ticket!a bed in a plane

Easy Distance Based

What makes this offer so cool, is that the prices in points for any flights using this method are based purely on distance you want to travel. You can use GC Map to add up how many (actual) miles your flights would cover, and then you’ll see the rate for how many AsiaMiles you’ll require to book. If for example you wanted to go from Los Angeles to New Zealand, you’d save a ton of miles by flying Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong, Qantas down to Australia and LATAM across to New Zealand – versus just flying Qantas or Cathay. Open jaws are allowed, so you could fly in and out of different places on each leg, with no need to connect them. In this example, you’d pay 115,000 points instead of the 175,000 points if only one airline is involved. Check MonkeyMiles example, for another reference point.

How To Book

First things first – you need to find availability to use points. The best sites for finding availability on any of these airlines are British Airways and Qantas. You’ll be able to see availability on any airline, from anywhere to anywhere. Once you find availability, you’ll call AsiaMiles to book. The number they quote in miles should reflect the lower priced “multi partner” chart, but they may get it wrong. If they do, don’t be afraid to push back and mention the multiple partner chart or ask for a supervisor. Like most businesses, these things aren’t foolproof and the people you are speaking to are not always quite as well informed as you are!

Happy jet setting!

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