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In the inimitable Virgin fashion…

Here’s the bad news. Virgin Atlantic is one of more than 12 major airlines struggling to keep up tight schedules, while many of their brand new 787 Dreamliner aircraft sit on the sidelines, due to Rolls Royce engine inspections. While some airlines have chosen to cancel flights, Virgin Atlantic has chosen to fight to keep passengers on track, leasing four Airbus A330-200 airplanes to pick up the interim slack. Rather than take an off the rack approach, Virgin Atlantic has given these new birds a uniquely “Virgin” makeover. Come November 2018, here’s what to expect on board when the plane begins flight from Manchester to Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and to select Caribbean destinations from London Gatwick…

a large airplane on a runwaya row of seats in an airplaneEconomy Cabin

The economy cabin on board Virgin Atlantic’s A330-200 will remain on par with the airlines best current offerings, with power at every seat, leather head rests, newly refreshed bathrooms, mood lighting and next generation wifi. Basically – you’ll never know the plane was ever anything but a Virgin Atlantic plane while flying in economy. Our pick? Go for the two seats by the window for ultimate privacy and convenience. Only one person to step over!

a row of chairs in an airplanePremium Economy

The Virgin Atlantic A330-200 makeover includes a brand new Premium Economy cabin with one of the most celebrated Premium Economy seats in the business. Virgin Atlantic has installed the same seat used by Singapore Airlines in their award winning Premium Economy. Good choice. The seat features 38” of pitch, extra large entertainment screens, private cabin and upgraded food and beverage options. With just 35 seats, the cabin is extremely private.

a row of seats in an airplanea bed in a planea map of a business classa seat in a planeUpper Class

Virgin’s Upper Class, or business class to most people – is a unique divergence from the classic Upper Class experience. Some might even say, for the better. These newly updated seats, errr suites feature direct aisle access, but with far more table space and larger screens that are found on other aircraft. They also feature an amusing variety of seating options, designed to suit all travel needs. Solo corner suites feature the most privacy with a seat away from the aisle – tucked into the window. Solo freedom suites offer a similar experience, with the bed closer to the aisle and finally love suites – well, lets just say you’ll be cuddling with your seat mate when it comes to bed time, so lets hope love is in the air.

Are you looking forward to trying these out in November?

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  1. I just hope they install a new reverse herringbone or whatever type business class seats in their a350s and change the fleets seats over time. Their existing herringbone are just outdated now. Service and clubhouse can only attract you so many times.

    Having said that, BA is so bad that Virgin doesn’t need to do anything immediately. Lucky them.

  2. Solstys is almost the worst possible one to choose among all main stream premium business class seats… What’s more, they also took the version that completely expose your feet, which really seems weird to me. Vantage XL or Skylounge would be much batter choice with tones more space, privacy. Well, I guess this is what you get with that delirious sire then.

  3. Business class looks much better. Not impressed with current business class, style and brand can only get you so far.

  4. With VS PE it’s about the WIDTH of the original PE seat, not just the pitch or bells and whistles. Is the current temporary PE on the A332 21″? If not it’s a downgrade.

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