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Business class with privacy doors? Sold.

First in business. That’s not just Qatar Airways bragging about winning numerous awards for world’s best business class, including ours. That’s Qatar Airways saying their new QSuites business class is so good – you’ll never need first class. If you’re dying to check out the new suites by cashing in some points or booking one of Qatar’s attractive deals – here’s where you’ll find QSuites, and which routes will operate the seat next!

a room with desks and computer screensTip: Use ExpertFlyer’s seat map for your date and flight to double check that your flight has QSuites. Look for a Boeing 777 or A350 aircraft with a staggered 1-2-1 seating layout. If it has it, you’ve got QSuites.

a city skyline with lights on the waterBoston

Qatar Airways will serve the Boston-Doha route with a QSuites equipped Boeing 777-300ER beginning March 31st, 2019 on flights 743, 744. This is exciting news bringing a fifth U.S. QSuite destination to the table. Seats are wide open, too…

a city with many tall buildingsSao Paulo

Beginning December 1st, Qatar Airways will launch QSuites service to Sao Paulo with a Boeing 777-200LR. The flights will operate numbers 773, 774 respectively between Doha and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The flight will also operate between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires separately, which can be booked on its own, using points or cash.

LA flight deal.Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Doha is quite a long flight, and you soon won’t care one bit. The airline is adding QSuites to Los Angeles beginning on February 2nd on flights 739, 740 respectively. This is a game changer!

a large building with a bridge in the backgroundSydney

15 hours on a plane flies when you’re in your own suite with dine on demand. Qatar Airways flights 906, 907 operated by the Boeing 777-300ER long haul aircraft feature QSuites on this jump. There really isn’t a better way to fly to Australia in business class.

a city by the waterChicago

Qatar Airways flights 725 and 726 between Chicago O’Hare and Doha now feature QSuites. This was originally scheduled to launch in April, 2019 but the timetable moved up. Be sure to look for the staggered seat map to confirm.

a row of monitors with a bridge and a bridge on themStockholm

Stockholm now offers a daily Airbus A350-900 flight, equipped with the latest and greatest QSuites. Flights 172, 171 offer the suites, so be sure to look for the Airbus A350 flight. Here’s a review.

a city at night with lightsTokyo Haneda

Qatar will begin Airbus A350-1000 service from Doha to the far more convenient Tokyo airport, Tokyo Haneda, beginning January 1st, 2019. The aircraft will operate flights 812, 813 respectively and will offer the first private business class suite Tokyo has ever seen.

a city skyline with many lightsHong Kong

Qatar Airways flights 817, 818 will feature QSuites from October 1st, 2018 onward. This will be the first QSuites rollout for Hong Kong, and represents an exciting upgrade to the Boeing 777 aircraft for this major business route.

a bridge over a river with a clock tower and a buildingLondon

Qatar Airways flights 7 & 8 and 15 & 16 (effective February 24th, 2018) between Doha and London presently feature the QSuites as do virtually any flights operated by a Boeing 777 or Airbus A350. If you want QSuites on your London flight, simply avoid the A380 or 787. More flights are being added regularly as planes roll out.

a group of trees with lights at nightSingapore

Beginning November 1st, Qatar Airways flight 944 from Doha to Singapore will be operated by the Airbus A350-1000, complete with QSuites. The return flight 945 on November 2nd, will mark the first service from Singapore to Doha. And it doesn’t stop there: Qatar Airways second daily services 946, 947 will feature the A350-1000 beginning December 1st.

a room with a computer and monitorsCanberra

This fantastic Australian city features QSuites on Boeing 777-300ER flights to Sydney, which connect onto Canberra. Flights 906, 907 are the flights to shoot for and will almost certainly bring the best seat in the sky. If you prefer the onboard bar of the A380 without QSuites, 908 and 909 are your flights.

30 Rockefeller Plaza skyline at sunsetNew York

Qatar Airways flights 701 & 702 are the most reliable QSuites flights between Doha and New York’s JFK Airport at present. There is rumor that a second daily QSuites using the new Airbus A350-1000.

a large tower with a fountain and Eiffel Tower in the backgroundParis

Qatar Airways flights 41 & 42 represent the QSuites flights between Paris and Doha. Paris to Doha offers a day flight, which is a perfect way to enjoy the full service. Doha to Paris is overnight, if you prefer to test the bed.

a table with a plate of food and a televisionMunich

At ITB Berlin, Qatar unveiled plans for Munich. Flights, 57,58,59 and 60 should all feature QSuites, which makes Munich a wise choice for travelers hoping to get a taste!

a tall monument and a building

Washington DC

Beginning January 6th 2018, Qatar Airways will offer QSuites between Washington DC Dulles Airport and Doha Hamad International on flights 707 & 708.  With over 12 hours of flying time, this is a great way to experience QSuites.

a city with lights and a mountain in the backgroundSeoul

Seoul, South Korea will receive QSuites on January 22nd 2018 on flights 858 & 859. This is Qatar’s first Asian QSuites destination, and is a surprising one. Qatar had previously announced Tokyo would be an early QSuites route.

a city with a bridge over a body of waterFrankfurt

Starting May 1st, Frankfurt will become the first German airport to receive QSuites. Munich and Berlin will follow later in the year. This is an exciting move for German travelers, especially since the airport will receive Airbus A350’s featuring the new suite.

a row of monitors in an airplaneHouston

Houston, Texas offers QSuites on flights 713,714 bringing a big upgrade to this flight. This is a great solution for travelers who aren’t close to major East or West Coast hubs.

a city skyline with a body of waterShanghai

Qatar will begin QSuite flights to Shanghai as of May 15th, 2018 on flights 870, 871 respectively. This is an exciting move for the Chinese market and will make Qatar instantly more competitive. The flight will be operated by a Boeing 777 aircraft.

a woman lying in a bed with a televisionThe QSuite Experience

Qatar Airways QSuites are outstanding by any measure. Here’s a QSuites review. You simply can’t beat the double bed if traveling for two, and the seats closest to the window offer incredible seclusion for solo travelers.

Are you going to try Qatar QSuites business class?

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  1. I have QR704 business class booked in July. Been hoping the A350-900 on the JFK route is swapped out for the A350-1000. Really hope my bet pays off. If not, oh well. The A359 is still great and the service will be amazing.

  2. Please send it to Boston! You will not be disappointed, and neither will I 😉. I will be quite delighted actually!

  3. Do you think the IAD route sticks? Some folks (including some prominent bloggers) have reported seeing the seat map for the IAD 777 change after March 23, 2018 (but some of those same folks reported seeing this change also for the JFK route, and I can’t imagine they’d take away Qsuites from New York once introduced).

  4. Just flew on the Qsuites product last night from DOH to BOM, so Qatar is using this on short regional routes as well. I was in 5K and it was very nice. Sure wish the flight was longer than 3 hours.

  5. I have QR830 frin Doha to Bangkok booked in early August and the seat plan shows qsuites. Nice

  6. Hi,
    I really hope Qatar Airways start more flights between Doha and Mumbai, since there is only one connection as of today. That way it gives more options for further connections and reduced costs too.
    Thank you.

  7. Hello, I think they are no longer flying Quistes on the route DOH-PVG
    It seems they’ve changed the 777-2 for 777-3.

    Not sure if another Quistes is lost also.


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