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Heard the rumors about Qatar Airways business class? They’re all true. It’s sublime. Dine on demand food, attentive crews, state of the art seats and fully flat beds make for a truly luxurious experience. And one of the newest fleets in the sky with cool new planes even means less jet lag, too! And for 80,000 points round trip, or just 40,000 points one way, you can enjoy a whole lot of it, without breaking the bank. Here’s how to enjoy Qatar Airways using points, to the max!

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You can start in Asia or the Middle East and fly to either destination. This can be a great way to score some sunshine en route back to Europe or the US after an amazing Asian adventure, or the other way around. In this great opportunity to maximize your points, you can fly between Asia and the Middle East in either direction – for just 40,000 points each way. There are some long flights on offer, too! You could also use Etihad, if you’d prefer to visit Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


This is one of our twelve best business class tricks. American Airlines AAdvantage offers the best rates for these flights. You can create American Airlines points by flying OneWorld airlines and entering your American frequent flyer number or by grabbing one of the (many) American Airlines credit cards and by earning points from your online shopping, using the American Airlines portal. One American Airlines credit card offers 50,000 points after making just one purchase. Yes, a latte would do.

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All Qatar flights will go via Doha, through Qatar’s incredible Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge. You could start in one of the trending destinations of 2018, like Muscat, Oman. You can then fly on via Doha, direct to places like Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and many more. Flights such as Seoul would net you over 11 hours in the air, with plenty of time to indulge! It’s rumored that Tokyo or Seoul will even get the new jaw dropping QSuites. Here’s a review of Airbus A350 business class.


This is fairly straight forward to book, if you don’t mind a quick search and a phone call. You can use the British Airways website to look up availability for Qatar Airways flights. Ignore the amount of miles British Airways say the flights cost, you’re just looking for available seats in business class. Once you find availability on the British Airways site, call American Airlines with flight numbers ready, to book the deals. 40,000 each way is a steal of a deal.

Will you take advantage of this awesome deal?

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  1. What an amazingly well written blog post. Outstanding.

    A table showing ‘start/end here’ would have boring and I appreciate the personalized insights. I hope you enjoy your day.

  2. You can get around that many hours one way for 75k and roughly $20 from USA to South Africa. I’m booked on BOS-DOH-JNB on the A350 & 787. Can’t wait for it!

  3. well written post! It looks like you can do first class for 50k each way. Only 10k miles to move from biz to first, yes please!

  4. Help! I just got off the phone with two different AA Rep telling me that they can’t book DFW>DOH>BKK because is not on AA website and they don’t have access to it. They said I have to wait until it show up on AA website. I went back to BA website and they’re still 2 biz class left for those route. What should I do? Keep calling? Or am I missing something here? Thank you.


  5. Hi. I was trying to get a one-way from DFW-DOH-BKK on April 8. Good news after my 5th AA rep they finally find the flight I was trying to get but the bad news it that they wants 120k AA points. I told them that I got my information from GSTP blog and other travelers had successfully booked biz class on Qatar for 40k one-way and 80k for RT. BA website still showing 2 biz seat left, any advice on how I could still get in on these good deal would greatly be appreciated. I really want to experience Qatar biz class. Thank you.


    1. The rates from the US to Bangkok would be greatly different than from Middle East to Bangkok. The 40K is for travel originating the Middle East, as explained in the post. 120k is a good deal from DFW though.

    2. And also, they’re not supposed to allow Transatlantic travel to BKK from the US, so you should be very happy if you get this ticketed!

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