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Who needs business class?

All Nippon Airways, one of Japan’s leading airlines otherwise known as ANA, has today released details for their highly anticipated new Airbus A380 double decker super jumbo jets. Each plane will feature a unique paint job inspired by sea turtles, making them instantly amongst the most recognizable planes in the sky. But it’s new elements inside the planes which will bring exciting new cabin experiences to ANA customers. Most notably: Economy couches, where passengers can fully recline across multiple seats. Economy has never looked so good…

a row of seats in a rowEconomy Couch Concept

Economy couches, which essentially turn any row of seats into a flat bed, made their glorious debut with Air New Zealand many years back. Many airlines have grabbed onto the concept of extra personal space, with offerings such as Etihad’s “NFS” neighbor free seat but few have gone all the way to install special “couch” seats. ANA is going all the way, offering 60 economy couch concept seats onboard new Airbus A380 aircraft. To make an economy seat into a truly palatable bed, special padded leg rests will raise to seat height, widening the “bed”. Passengers are then able to utilize an entire row of three or four seats to lay completely flat, just like a couch at home. Customers who purchase Economy Couch seats will receive exclusive mattress pads and pillows. It’s unclear how these seats will be priced or how far in advance they may be purchased.

First, Business And Premium Economy

These three unique ANA Airbus A380’s have been designed with leisure travelers in mind, but they also feature ANA’s very best first class, business class and premium economy seats. The upper deck will exclusively house all of the upper tier offerings, featuring 8 first class suites with doors in the front of the aircraft, similar to the current ANA first class suite. Directly behind will be a bar counter, followed by 56 business class seats and 73 premium economy seats. ANA easily offers one of the best premium economy experiences in the sky. All first, business and premium passengers will board upstairs.

ANA A380 Dates, Routes And Concept

ANA will debut their three new Airbus A380 aircraft in early 2019 on flights between Tokyo and Honolulu. At least for now, Honolulu will be the only route. The “super jumbo” plane instantly boosts ANA’s capacity on this highly popular leisure route and the novelty of the mammoth aircraft is sure to be a hit with passengers. In anticipation of it’s leisure route deployment, the airline has created a leisure centric cabin with passenger comforts in mind. For example, the economy cabin will have a multi purpose room in the rear of the aircraft, where passengers may comfortably change clothes, or families can attend to the needs of children. In the spirit of Hawaii, the planes will be named Lani, Kai and Ka La – meaning sky, ocean and sunset. Nice touch, ANA.

Will you fly one of these new planes?

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