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I saw a meme recently that said, “I’d really just like to live in precedented times for a while”. I totally get the sentiment. For a change though, there’s one unprecedented event which is actually a welcome one.

A crazy number of Amex Membership Rewards points transfer bonuses to airlines and hotels have appeared in recent days, creating a flurry of opportunity to get better than average value for points.

For a limited time, one point no longer equals one point, which means Amex Points from US card accounts can stretch further than usual and unlock trips with greater ease. Here are some of the most exciting bonuses.

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Checking Offers

Amex has some of the best airline transfer partners in the business, from niche options like ANA (US only) to Virgin Atlantic, Aeroplan, Avios, Air France, British Airways and Marriott.

These transfer bonuses are available to people who hold Amex cards which earn membership rewards, such as the newly revamped Amex Platinum, Amex Gold, Amex Green and others.

By transferring Amex Membership Rewards Points to these partners, members can unlock fantastic value for points, such as bagging long haul first class tickets for circa 93,000 points round trip during a transfer bonus.

See: transferring Amex Points to Virgin Atlantic, for ANA First Class flights.

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ANA business class. Yes, it looks like First Class, and feels like it too…

To see the list of offers, any Amex cardmember can login to their account, click their points, then visit transfer partners. Once you open the transfer partner page, you’ll see an extensive list of airline and hotel partners where a point typically equals a point, but those values are crossed out in orange, signifying even better ratios.

  • Aer Lingus (Avios) 40% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.4 Avios
  • Aeromexico 25% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 2 Aeromexico miles
  • Aeroplan (Air Canada) 20% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.2 Aeroplan miles
  • Avianca LifeMiles 15% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.15 LifeMiles
  • AirFrance Flying Blue 25% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.25 Flying Blue Miles
  • British Airways (Avios) 40% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.4 Avios
  • Hawaiian Airlines 25% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.25 Hawaiian Miles
  • Hilton Honors 30% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 2.6 Hilton Points
  • Iberia Plus (Avios) 40% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.4 Iberia Avios
  • Marriott Bonvoy 30% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.3 Marriott Bonvoy Points
  • Qantas Frequent Flyer 20% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.2 Qantas Miles
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club 30% Bonus: 1 Amex Point = 1.3 Virgin Points
a group of people sitting at a table
Virgin Atlantic’s ‘The Booth’, which will appear on leisure A350-1000 planes.

Hot tip: generally speaking, transfers from Amex Membership Rewards into hotel programs such as Hilton or Marriott don’t make sense, because airlines offer greater opportunity to extract more value.

If you like hotel points, a separate card from either brand, such as one of the Hilton Amex cards or Marriott Amex cards would make more sense. Amex Points are just too valuable, given how far a relatively small number can go in the air. It’s better to earn the hotel points directly.

If you don’t already have a loyalty account with any of these transfer partners, you’ll need to create a free one to be able to move Amex Points over. Don’t forget that Amex transfers are one way, so you can’t change your mind once the points are out of your Amex account.

Transfer Bonuses: Different End Dates

These points transfer bonuses mostly last through the month of September, but some will end sooner, and others later. Be sure to login to your account and check relevant offers expire, so you can get any transfers in with plenty of time.

If you want some inspiration for spending Amex Points with these airline and hotel partners, check out our guide to the best ways to spend Amex Membership Rewards.

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