Just about everyone who reads a blog knows about one of the best mileage redemptions still going, which is for first class or business travel on All Nippon (ANA) and booked via Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles. I’ve done it many times, love it every time and have also written about it for years, along with everyone else. But today I learned that you could do something I didn’t previously know, and I find it quite exciting, even if it’s a bit niche.

You can “open jaw” these ANA First and business class awards which means you can go 2/3 of the way around the world on one simple ticket. It turns an already cool way to travel into a practically around the world trip for 95,000 or 120,000 points respectively. You may have known that, but the open jaw  may be able to extend a bit wider than you previously thought…

Can You Open Jaw ANA Awards With Virgin Atlantic

Yes, you can. Many people already considered this as a great option for flying out of and into different US cities to help with availability, but a reader recently informed me that they booked something a bit more exotic. They booked London-Tokyo-New York for the exact same price as a London – Tokyo trip, or a New York – Tokyo – New York trip.

Personally, I’d always wondered if this were possible. I suppose I could’ve just asked. Either way, the best part of this (quasi job?) is that you really can learn something every day, and I now have renewed inspiration to book one.

But what this means is that you get nearly around the world in ANA First Class (including the new seat) for 120,000 miles, and if you want you can combine it with business class. The same kind reader sent me their itinerary which came out to 107,500 miles and £390 in taxes and surcharges (it’s lower if you avoid London) for one leg in first and one in business. Both in first would be 120,000 and both in business would be 95,000.

You can stop in Tokyo in the middle as long as you like…

I was on the first ever flight with the new business class suites from London, and I have to say, even though first class is amazing, doing this in a business class this outstanding – I’d argue world’s best seat – is pretty tempting too. Here’s a preview of business class on “The Room”.

This Is Such A Cool Redemption, With Easy Points

People love to bang on about ANA around the world tickets using ANA miles, but unless you have a boat load of Marriott Bonvoy Points, or Amex Points in the USA, you’re out of luck there. However, with Virgin Atlantic, you’ve got so many transfer partners from whom you can instantly create Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles, including Chase, Citi, Amex, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

It’s also worth noting that those in the USA can earn up to 80,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles with the limited time Virgin Atlantic World Elite Mastercard bonus. That gets you more than 2/3 the way without a whole lot of effort…

Banks in the USA quite often have 20-40% bonuses on transfers to Virgin Atlantic, which means you can actually use under 95,000 credit card points to book one of these. Imagine a trip that leaves New York, spends a few days in Tokyo and then flies onto London after that – all for 120,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for sublime ANA first class.

You can start on either side of the pond, and really, you’d just need one more flight to connect the dots between New York and London to finish, whichever side you’re on at that point. The same would work for Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc. I’m sure many of you are more savvy with these things than I, but I hadn’t ever seen this possibility noted, and going nearly around the world in total style sounds like fun to me…

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