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This article is brought to you by British Airways in collaboration with GSTP.

British Airways has a bonus of up to 50% on Avios purchases through July 4th.

In case you’ve missed out so far, British Airways is offering a bonus on Avios purchases, with up to 50% on the line! When it comes to potentially topping up your account, these opportunities are the time to do it, because frankly, Avios can do a lot to transform your travels.

If you play it right, Avios can unlock many of the best experiences in air travel and beyond, so here’s how I like to use my Avios, to better my personal travels.

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Upgrades From Premium To Business 

As people return to travel, it seems more and more are eager to secure that little, or big, bit of extra space, and Avios can be huge there. I’m in the same boat for sure – more space please! I can often make my budget stretch to premium economy, but business class can be tricky. This is where Avios can be huge.

A key upgrade to me, is transforming a British Airways premium economy ticket into business class – and the flat beds that come with it! For tickets originating in the UK or Europe, to places like the USA, British Airways flights can typically be upgraded from premium to business for around £120 in surcharge difference, and about 20,000 Avios.

I’ll often upgrade the UK/EU to USA leg to business class to enjoy the longer flight, and with so many fantastic premium economy flight deals out there, the savings can be fabulous. British Airways now guarantees at least four business class seats will be made available using points on long haul flights, which makes finding upgrades easier too!

Acquiring more Avios at a reasonable cost, during a bonus sale like this one, really allows me to use a stockpile of points for more and more of these great uses which better my travels.

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Fly For £1 And Points

Travel is always the dream, but expenses can get in the way. How about flying for £1 within Europe? Even when flights are insanely expensive with cash, using Avios via Reward Flight Saver can be all the difference. 

With Reward Flight Saver you can pay as little as £1 and 18,500 Avios for a one way flight within Europe. If you want to pay just a bit more cash, you pay with fewer Avios. It’s one of the best values in travel for Europe, without a doubt!

Should You Buy Avios?

If you earn millions of points through spending or extremely frequent flying, perhaps you don’t need to top up right now, If, however, you aren’t a heavy spender and have not been able to fly much recently, the best time to buy points is during a great bonus promotion, and that’s exactly what on offer. The sale ends July 4th.

You can buy British Airways Avios here.

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  1. May I ask if I buy rt premium economy originating from the US, can I just upgrade the return leg only using Avios as you suggested?

    1. As long as there’s availability to upgrade then you can choose either or both legs of the journey

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