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Silly traveler – tricks are not just for kids. Once you get past the concept of earning miles, spending miles and flying – there are little gems in every rewards program. The British Airways Executive Club offers quite a few hidden delights, if you know where to find them. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a map of ten little delights. Enjoy.

a white airplane in the skyEmirates Miles

Did you know you can earn British Airways Avios flying on Emirates? True story. If you’re booked on an Emirates flight, that has a Qantas flight number, you can often get credit for the flight, by entering your British Airways Executive Club number. This ONLY works for flights booked via Qantas, not for flights booked via Emirates.

60% Off Surcharges

Long ago we told readers that if they have a British Airways Executive Club account, there’s one thing they must do. That’s because you can instantly transfer British Airways Avios into Iberia Avios, and for certain flights, you’ll pay 60% less surcharges, and often less miles. Of course, you wouldn’t get to fly on British Airways – but you’ll save miles and money.

a row of seats with monitors on themCIV Score

Don’t freak out – most airlines and hotels do this, but British Airways grades you as a customer. In fact, they have a 100 point scale, just like a math test. If you’re now determined to find out your number, be polite and ask the cabin service manager, the one with the iPad on your next flight. They just might tell you. Just don’t be depressed.

Groupon Deals

We love miles, and you should too. British Airways and Iberia sell miles on Groupon, allowing customers to stock up on the cheap. These deals come and go frequently, and we always let people know, at this page. Avios miles can cost just 1 cent per piece, making for some serious opportunity to maximize your points.

two people walking on a beachHead Start

British Airways Executive Club offers a lucrative 2 for 1 voucher to American Express cardholders in the UK, and Chase cardmembers in America. Availability, especially in First or business class dries up immediately – so you can book your outbound without booking your return flights. This allows you to pick off the seats as they become available, not needing to wait for the full itinerary to show up.

Miles Mogul

Do you earn between 2-100 miles for every online shopping purchase you make? You should. Same for UK grocery shopping, car rental and hotel stays. British Airways e-store is one of the most lucrative ways to earn miles for every single purchase, just for shopping at your favorite stores. You can also transfer Amex, Chase or Starwood points into British Airways Avios.

people walking in a hallwayPhone Waits

Got Skype? Cool – skip the lines. If it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, it’s opening time somewhere else. Don’t wait for ridiculously long phone holds by calling your local British Airways number. Look up a number for a place that’s likely less busy and get connected in minutes or less. This can be a game changer during travel troubles.

Hong Kong

No one likes to pay a fortune in miles AND money, so if you start in Rio or Hong Kong, you won’t. Both cities outlaw surcharges, so flights leaving either city using points will cost less than $80 per person, whatever cabin you’re in. Since there are so many ways to score great one way deals, this can be great value.

a room with a table and chairsFree Alerts

Everyone wants those seats using Avios, right? But who gets them? Answer: the people who set alerts for them. While we love ExpertFlyer for this, there’s a tool which lets you set these alerts for free. If and when a seat opens up, which they often do as a flight approaches, you’ll be first to know. Free and easy, holiday success.

Hotel Status

British Airways Gold members get complimentary top tier status at Langham Hotels. Langham has expanded their brand, and the Cordis brand around the world – giving you Langham options in countless cities. Some aren’t even crazy expensive. The perks gain room upgrades, 6PM check out and a welcome gift – amongst other things.

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  1. British airways car rental trap.
    Just one example I tried to rent an Avis class B car, a VW Polo, from May 16 to may 39 2017 and I started with a rental. through British Airways The quote I got from British Airways is the following: £267 or 302€ advance payement without reimbursement if cancelled.
    Then I checked what the Avis quote would be; in fact the highest price when paid at the Avis counter is 195€ if paid at the counter.
    What tbis means is that British airways are overchargin by over by 50% their customers .

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