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Our friend Ultima llamada is back again, highlighting a fantastic opportunity to score British Airways Avios points for just 1 pound per point, or roughly 1.1 euros, 1.2 U.S. dollars. The deal won’t last long, so here’s everything you need to know to get in on this Black Friday special.

a large airplane on a runwayBackstory

Groupon Spain is running a special promotion with the Iberia E Store. We’ve highlighted more than once how valuable shopping through airline e-stores is, but no one seems to listen. Here’s a refresher. Long story short: You need to make an Iberia account, if you don’t already have one, you need to use their e-store to earn extra bonus miles and then you need to buy one of these stellar Groupon packages.

a room with a table and chairsSteps

Once you have a (free) IberiaPlus account, you can login and visit their e-store. You’ll find an offer for Groupon Spain, which you must click using the link above. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to make an account there too, it’s free. The offer will give 9 Avios for every dollar spent (limited time) at Groupon. By clicking over from Iberia to Groupon you’ll activate bonus miles. According to Ultima llamada math, which is likely better than ours…

  • 2,171 avios for € 19   2000 voucher + 171 from IberiaPlustore
  • 4,531 avios for 59 €   4000 voucher + 531 from IberiaPlustore
  • 8,891 avios for 99 €   8000 voucher + 891 from IberiaPlustore
  • 16,701 avios for 189 €   15,000 voucher + 1701 from IberiaPlustore
  • 22,241 avios for 249 €   20000 voucher + 2241 from IberiaPlustore
  • 37,861 avios for 429 €   34000 voucher + 3861 from IberiaPlustore

a row of seats with monitors on themCashing In

Don’t do this if you need your Avios this hour. You’ll get your Avios voucher from Groupon in short order, and then can immediately transfer those points over to British Airways when they arrive. But your IberiaPlus store bonus points (the smaller amount) may take some time to track and show up. There’s no doubt that this is a phenomenal deal for anyone that needs to top off, and we personally will actually use this, but it may take up to a full week for everything to settle properly.

HT: Ultimallamada



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  1. Is this for UK residents only, have a feeling I tried this before, and was unable to transfer my points to BA?

  2. The Groupons posted within a couple of minutes for me in the summer, and the Avios from them posted pretty quickly. But the Groupon *bonus* Avios took ~4 months.

  3. A few tips, please: ? My credit cards are not processing thru, even tho c.c. companies (amex and bofa)both say haven’t declined.

    1. Do I first need to set up a Groupon account with a Spain mailing address? Tried that, but, 2.does the Groupon email address need to be same as Iberia email address?
    3. What browser. Chrome or Firefox or IE, does it matter?

    Trying different variables, not working…argh!

    1. Try using Paypal and it should go through.
      How does Groupon match the Iberia plus account? Do they check email for both accounts or name or would we have to tell groupon our Iberia plus membership number?

      1. Thx, will try paypal! Not sure on answer on yr question, hopefully someone else will answer. It says you get a voucher from Groupon. I’d bet u just go into your Iberia account and load it, like loading a gift card… I’ll try it

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