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Being a top tier flier certainly has it’s flying benefits. It’s hard to complain about fast tracks, VIP lounges, priority boarding and even the occasional upgrade. But it’s one benefit that has nothing to do with airports, which has us excited. It’s a benefit which all but guarantees an upgrade. We did mention this months ago in a wider scoped post, but quite a few people seemed to miss that one.

a room with a fireplace and a couchUnbeknownst to far too many British Airways Executive Club Gold members, complimentary elite status with the Langham hotel group is part of the deal. By hitting Gold, any British Airways flier can email the Langham to set up their “Voyager” membership. Langham has four membership tiers, and Voyager is the highest publicly offered status, second only to an invitation only tier.

We’ve put this benefit through the paces this year. Langham has expanded rapidly around the world, with properties in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, not to mention their celebrated locations in London and elsewhere. They’ve also launched the Cordis brand, designed to be a more modern take on Langham luxury.

The benefits, you probably are eager to know about the benefits. On each stay we’ve been upgraded to a suite, entitled to early check in, 6pm check out and a welcome amenity of our choosing, such as a glass of red or white wine. While no breakfast is included, these benefits have swayed many of our stays to the Langham portfolio. It’s hard to pass up free internet, larger rooms, ridiculously late check out and status as a very appreciated guest. Surprisingly, room rates in many top Langham properties are nowhere near as steep as in London – so don’t write this off, without first checking rates.

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  1. Finally – an actual benefit (such as it is) of British Airways Gold status that is separate and unique from oneworld emerald (besides the Gold phone number to somewhat minimize BA’s interminable hold times).

    GGL and above has actual concrete benefits that I don’t get flying BA as a oneworld partner airline top tier elite. But BA’s Gold benefits themselves are truly limited.

    Here of course is something BA isn’t spending money for, Langham wants the business of lucrative BA flyers…

    1. Couldn’t agree more. And it’s working. I’ve shifted at least 5 stays this year where neutral ground would’ve usually favored another chain or boutique.

  2. What’s a “celebrated” location? Do you really have to regurgitate Langham’s ridiculous marketing tosh?

  3. useful info. Just joined the Langham group but they gave me explorer status – I am GGL on BA.
    Do I have to book first at one of their hotels to get the Voyager status?

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