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If this sounds like a paid advertisement for ExpertFlyer- it’s 100% not. If this sounds like a free advertisement for Expert Flyer- it totally is. We at God Save The Points are all about upgrading our travel however possible, and completely back any app or service that helps in that pursuit. Expert Flyer may be the single handiest tool on the market, and we’ll explain why.

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Many of the things ExpertFlyer can do – you can technically do yourself. But not all. You can search for seats using miles, or upgrades on many airlines for free, but if what you want is not immediately available, you’ll have to keep searching – constantly. For $9.99 a month, ExpertFlyer will search for you, and notify you when and if what you want becomes available. Handy, when you’re trying to use miles for things like the new Singapore First Class Suite.

Things You Can’t Do

There are some things which travelers cannot generally see, such as upgrade space on certain airlines. American Airlines is a perfect example. ExpertFlyer is able to show this space. Also- available seats. Sometimes you want to know if a flight is truly near sold out, or if it’s just the airline trying to push tickets. ExpertFlyer can tell you precisely how many tickets are left, in each selling class. We’ve amazed a few phone agents with this knowledge!

the inside of an airplane with seats and windowsPrice Points

ExpertFlyer has two levels of pricing, assuming you don’t just want to use it to find whole open rows in economy. The first thing to know is that you can cancel and start again at any time. The second thing is that it’s $9.99 a month to get the alerts for availability popped directly to you. The $4.99 version does not include those alerts, or other features and the $5 savings isn’t worth it.

Why It’s Fantastic

Things can always be improved upon, especially air journeys. Booking tickets, setting alerts, getting notified when upgrades or seats using miles become available is a game changer. For all bucket list first and business class seats using miles, I set ExpertFlyer alerts, sit back and wait. More often than not something comes back that works. I value time more than anything else on earth, and ExpertFlyer saves me a whole lot of it.

Do you use ExpertFlyer? What’s your favorite feature?

Featured image courtesy of Singapore Airlines. 

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