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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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Swiss and Lufthansa remain among the creme de la creme of first class, and GSTP loves Swiss business. Right now, both airlines are in the midst of an INCREDIBLE Black Friday Sale, which reminds us why we pay attention on the day before the weekend.

There’s long haul business class for two starting under £1000 all in (less than £500 per passenger) and First Class from £1500 per person, including Tokyo for under £2k!

The First & Business Class Offers

a table with food on it
Swiss First Class is exquisite!

Swiss and Lufthansa love weeding into UK territory with offers too good to refuse. And for some, the connection in Frankfurt or Zurich with a top class lounge to enjoy is only a plus, rather than a negative. The Star Alliance airlines have incredible pricing on UK departures, including regional airports, with some stunners out of London.

All these prices are for two passengers all in, round trip, so to figure out the per person cost, just divide by two. You MUST book for two passengers to get these deals, or in multiples of two if you’re traveling as a family. Hot tip: you can mix Business Class one way, and First the other to save.

Here’s Business Class…

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That’s the price for two passengers round trip, not one!

And First Class…

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Price for two passengers in first class round trip!

You really can’t beat some of these prices, particularly Tokyo, Nairobi, Dubai or Hong Kong. What I love about the Swiss website is that these offers come with a calendar where it’s really easy to see whether dates work or not.

Here’s a review of Swiss 777 Business Class.

Dates in Gold are available, dates in grey are not.

swiss biz
Swiss has an excellent business class on the Boeing 777.

In general, these offers are available all year, but First Class is on far more limited dates than business class. As with previous years, most of the best flights with perfect dates are gone within 48 hours of the sale starting.

You can check out the offers here, by scrolling down and selecting the business class or first class companion offers. Happy hunting. Be sure to keep up with the rest of the Black Friday madness on our dedicated deals page!

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  1. I’m not up to speed with the latest card offerings but doesn’t amex pay for a companion on premium cash fares? I wonder if you could potentially fly 4 pax for the price of 2??

  2. Gil, have I read this wrong “There’s long haul business class for two starting under £1000 all in (less than £500 per passenger)”…I’m struggling to find at this price

  3. Sale is great but borders are still closed. LH and LX are the worst with refund. I guess second part of 2021 worth to consider though.

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