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Updated (again) November 26th with hot Singapore and JetBlue flight offers and deals on buying Hyatt points!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring serious hype to the travel world, and in the last few years, they’ve actually delivered. In fact, more than ever. It used to be all hype, but lately it’s very much real.

With the industry still somewhat in tatters, 2021 could be the biggest ever, as travel brands look to lure avid adventurers out of their homes, once again. And don’t forget to save some room for #TravelTuesday either!

This year, there are flight deals that are legitimately lower than any other day of the year, 99% off hotel coupons and even crazy flash sales which offer things you’d never imagine to be true, if you’re quick enough to jump on them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one place where you could find every deal worth shouting about. We thought so too. So, with that in mind, here’s your one stop shop for all the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday travel deals, many of which are going live shortly.

Yep, Black Friday is November 26th this year, but many deals are already here! This page will be updated as travel deals are released, so keep checking back and be sure to bookmark this page.

For now, take a browse through some early launches! In a few instances, we’re not allowed to share the details of the offers yet, but have added the airline, hotel or company to the page, so you know something is coming!

2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hotel Deals

With fewer people traveling, 2021 is going to bring one of the best ever years for Black Friday deals. While previous years often topped out around 25-30% in “real” savings, this year we’re expecting much bigger numbers, with way lower prices.

Oh, and hot tip – online travel agencies like Expedia and can be found down below this section in the online travel agency deals area. Enjoy! For now, there are some placeholders here, but these will fill up as the days approach!

Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott says this Black Friday will be the biggest yet for the Bonvoy program, with 25% off rates for all members almost globally, including the USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean and Canada.

You can check out these offers which just launched here. In addition to 25% off all hotels pretty much globally, Marriott Bonvoy is offering a major 45% bonus on all points purchases.

Rosewood Hotels

Rosewood is launching offers shortly, and you can keep up to date with all the sales and upgrade offers via the Rosewood Promo Page.

Viceroy Hotels

Viceroy is going where few others are, not only with legitimate 35% off deals, but flexible cancellation too. Most other hotel groups will give you a bargain but no flex, so this is a huge differentiator allowing people to jump in on a sale, but cancel if needed.

Check out the Viceroy Cyber Week Offers.

Accor Hotels

Accor is out with a massive sale, offering 40% off rates, plus up to 10% more for Accor ALL members. The program is highly underrated, and who doesn’t like an extra 10%?

So far, offers are region centric, and only the North America Offers are live, but they are amazing.

IHG Hotels & IHG Rewards

Following in the same vein as Marriott, IHG says this year will be the biggest year ever for cyber discounts. Offer details remain scarce, but the landing page is now live and worth keeping a look out for!

Check out IHG’s Black Friday & Cyber Week Deals.

intercontinental vietnam

Hyatt & World Of Hyatt

So far, Hyatt’s best offer is on points. Members can save 15% on stays through April 30th, when booking by December 21st. Fortunately, to make up for the lackluster start, some flexibility on the rates is part of the deal.

But – a 30% discount is available on points purchases, which is fantastic, since Hyatt Points are among the most valuable in the game. Check out the Points Sale.

You can keep up with the Hyatt Offers Page, here.

Radisson Hotels

Continuing the theme of savings without too much creative excitement, Radisson is offering 30% off rates booked until November 29th, for travel all the way until the end of 2022. While simple discounts aren’t that exciting, the flexibility of an entire new year is!

Check out the Radisson Cyber Week page.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

As part of the wider Accor ALL Loyalty Program, Fairmont is offering 40% off in North America, but a few hotels are doing even better. For example, the Fairmont Austin is offering a whopping 60% off rates, as are a variety of others.

The Fairmont specific offers can be viewed here.

2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Flight Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are starting early this year, and some offers will be out early to beat the big rush. Best advice? Have your heart set on what you want, and just at the first fully convincing offer.

Here’s a collection of everything that’s live, or coming. At least one major airline told us the best deals will begin early. We’ll update as exciting new offers pop up over the next couple weeks, but here’s a few early offers.

Flash Flight Deals!

Some of the best new flight deals!

Level (Iberia Group)

Level has incredible offers between Spain and the USA or Latin America in both directions. Fares start at just €99 one way between Barcelona and New York, which is about as low as transatlantic pricing ever goes. Even Punta Cana is only €199. You can check out all the offers on the dedicated deal page.

Singapore Air

Singapore Air is offering truly incredible, pre pandemic flight prices to top destinations from the USA. $849 round trip in Singapore’s stunning premium cabin is utterly great pricing and these offers in all cabins shouldn’t be missed. Let’s hope Europe gets its share of great offers soon, too!

La Compagnie

La Compagnie is a boutique “all business class” airline you may have heard of, and they now fly between New York and Paris.

The airline is offering $2000 round trip fares between the city pairs in either direction, which makes for a comfy and boutique way to get to Europe, or the USA. You can peep the offers here.


Iberia hasn’t dropped its best offers yet, but there are already some great fares to various destinations, from places all over the world. You can check out the UK Sale, US Sale and Spain Sale, among others.

Perhaps the very best deals are for intra-Spain travel, with flights starting from €20 round trip. These could be valuable to anyone hoping to city hop around this incredible part of Europe!

Hawaiian Airlines

Just because Hawaii is having a “moment” right now, with unprecedented demand, doesn’t mean Hawaiian still can’t offer a great sale? The airline has $99 one way flights out right now between many mainland US cities and various islands, which bring round trips in the low $200’s!

You can check out the latest offers here.

Lufthansa & Swiss

In years past, Lufthansa and Swiss have brought out major companion offers in premium cabins, with eye catching prices. So far, these are hiding, but there are a variety of promo codes to save modest amounts of money on fares from most regions.

For now, just navigate to or and look for the promo codes. We’ll update if any incredible offers come through!

British Airways

In a way, British Airways almost started ‘Black Friday’ in the UK. The airline has generally offered incredible fares around the US Thanksgiving Holiday, and there’s lots of hope this year that deals will be offered to plug up these winter months.

Keep your eyes peeled on this section in the days to come, and for now, browse the best holiday and flight deal offers. Some early highlights include the return of £1500 business class round trips to the USA, £299 economy to New York and £1400 to Latin America in business class too!

Virgin Atlantic

Last year, Virgin Atlantic rocked worlds with £999 (circa $1300) round trip business class fares to just about anywhere anyone wanted to go. There’s a lot of hope and hype that this year will follow.

Already, there are £226 round trip flights in economy! Virgin Atlantic has launched a dedicated Black Friday page, and we’ll update this page with any screaming deals that simply must be booked, or considered!

Whatever cabin you’re booking, a promo code with up to £200 off can be uncovered once you hit the Black Friday Deal Page! New York for £288 in economy isn’t bad!

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific wants you see (or save) green on Black Friday, with its Green Friday deals. And in fact, you don’t have to wait until Friday to enjoy them. These offers are now live for both the UK and US markets, with flight deals all over the world.

The best offers involve travel for two, where the second person flies at a deep discount but there are many solo traveler offers too.

A few highlights from the USA include premium economy from the USA to Asia for $1,300 and business class from $3,000, both of which are a bit depressing compared to previous years. The UK has similar offers, like £1800 business class to Hong Kong, but with 50% off companions and a few nice touches like £649 to Australia in economy.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has its usual hidden bargains, but if you want the very best, you’ll have to give something to get in. The airline wants people to download its mobile app and join Privilege Club, the Qatar Airways loyalty program.

The good news is, once you do, you’ll have access to Black Friday Deals, and by using promo code ACCESS21 by the end of November 23rd, you’ll get 2,500 Qmiles for the effort, too!

Air Canada

Air Canada is offering a flat 20% off all fares, plus at least 1,000 bonus points as part of the 20,000,000 mile giveaway (you may earn a lot more). In addition, gift cards can be purchased with 5 miles per dollar as a bonus, plus more offers on packages.

This is a really cool sale with something for everyone, in every cabin, and it can all be found via this dedicated Air Canada Black Friday Page.


Emirates has particularly hot offers in business class this year, relative to the year. From the USA, you can find round trip business fares class to places like the Maldives or South Africa for under $3,000, and Europe under $2500. From the UK, £1999 round trip to Dubai is the best offer.

There are also a variety of loyalty promotions, where you can earn a mile a minute for spending time in Dubai, which is rather clever.

Paying With Credit Card On Laptop

Black Friday 2021 Online Travel Agency Deals

While booking hotels with online travel agencies typically means you won’t earn points from hotels, sometimes the savings are too good for that to matter!

Online travel agencies always are on top of their games come Black Friday & Cyber Monday, and we’ll update as deals launch.

A perennial GSTP favorite for booking hotels, thanks to simplicity and value, is offering double stamps for its loyalty program and 30% off or more, on hotels all over the world. This is a promotion not to be missed!

30% off on can often bring prices even lower than what’s found direct elsewhere, so be sure to comparison shop, but with double nights added on as a bonus, this is very compelling!


Not to be outdone by sister company, Expedia has its own 30% off sale, with up to 4X points in Expedia Rewards too. Always comparison shop, but if you don’t care about hotel points and are happy with the room you booked at the time of your booking, this can be a great way to save!

2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Gear And Experience Deals

From great phones to the best luggage on the planet, cyber week tends to offer great opportunities to grab travel accessories worth having. Here’s a few we’re liking so far…

Away Travel Luggage

People tend to love Away, GSTP included, and select products are 40% off right now, which is meaningful savings for a premium luggage brand. You can check out UK sales here, and US here.


So far, Blade has resisted the urge to make their $149 round trip helicopter rides between New York Airports and NYC cheaper than $149, but they’ve slashed prices on passes and other features between New York and the Hamptons, as well as other cities.


As a GSTP favorite for the Pixel Phone, hence the amazing Instagram pictures, a sale on Google Products is always a welcomed addition. This year Google has discounts on many product ranges, including Nest cameras to ensure your “nest” is safe while you are away!


PriorityPass is back with their best promo of the year, offering 50% off memberships. If you’ve resisted the temptation to add a credit card which includes PriorityPass, this is always the best time of the year to get in the game.

Check out these best offers of the year, with 50% off.

Got a deal? Get in touch!

Featured image courtesy of the Waldorf Astoria, Maldives. It’s a great place to stay…

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  1. Would be nice if Qatar could finally run a flash sale on black Friday!! I’m looking for an ex EU return to Sydney in Business! Give us a shout if anything appears!

    1. Qatar have been doing great deals out of ARN to SYD for the past few weeks.. use the code QRFFP19 to get up to 12% off

          1. Gilbert we are dying to know, please can you update us… I need to buy a ticket for Christmas. do you think Qatar are going to have a sale?

  2. Thanks Gilbert once again you have provided some unique deals and insights that are different from others. I know you’re not earning on all of these so thank you for all your hard work and it is much appreciated.

  3. Of course, I missed that VPN Black Friday deal that you mentioned, but I found this discount code somewhere on Reddit I think it is perfect for travelers because NordVPN’s advanced features make it one of the most reliable services for bypassing VPN blocks. It, therefore, comes as a surprise how easy the app is to use!

    1. It’s definitely for today! Perhaps it’s because we’re early here on timing in the UK. Will confirm and get back to you, but I’d say give it a whirl again in a bit!

  4. Hi Gil, On the Radisson offer, I can’t tell from the terms and conditions if the secret code discount has to be used at the hotel where you received it. Does anyone know?

    1. I’m keeping an eye out for you! 50/50 whether there’s anything compelling this year. Dubai is experiencing tremendous demand since being added to UK travel corridor list, so less pressure than other carriers/destinations are facing.

  5. This page never updates! You said one major airline would have deals beginning today, Nov. 22nd! Well, there is no link nor mention here of what that would be. OTOH, Cathay Pacific did send me an email about their Black Friday sale beginning today. Thank goodness I’m on their mailing list and not having to rely on this page.

      1. Thanks Gilbert, maybe they’ll surprise us! I seem to remember them doing something for FC in 2019 as well as 2020 but maybe not.

  6. Love Virgin and was hoping to book something, but can’t find anything approaching a deal to NYC. Prices the same as last week and very very high (looking at mid March, hardly peak). I think I feel my allegiance slipping. Not sure it’s worth holding out for a Boxing Day sale and potentially missing a better deal with JetBlue or someone in the meantime.

    1. I’ve definitely got some needs for a good deal between now and March, and I’ll definitely go with any carrier that brings it to me! Underwhelmed with most airline offers so far.

      1. Glad you said that! Considering giving JetBlue a go especially – fun to try something new anyway. Not sure trying to keep VS Silver is worth it – realistically can’t see myself doing a ton of travel in 2022 either. Not compared to 2019/the plans I had for 2020.

  7. Airfares seem High at the moment with low capacity on the Asia routes

    all the Qatar deals have dried up in premium cabin .

  8. you sell yourself to the devil, gilbert? you need the commish? i checked all the hotels and reservations i have made against the black friday deals and i would be spending 30% more today. i will stick with gary leff here whose opinion is to not be sucked in by the term black friday. apparently you have

    1. Are you high? It’s the only way to possible explain this level of hatred over simply passing on what hotels and airlines are offering. You don’t like, you don’t buy.

    2. Jeffrey, get a life. Look around and perhaps check other sites as well like premium flights. All will confirm this is a rather underwhelming Black Friday. While we are all looking for deals your trolling makes you look stupid at best.

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