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Update: Qatar has added glitchy fares in many markets, which would mean part business class and part economy journeys. be sure to weed these out in the search for the actual good fares. In some cases, the best fares may not be as low as advertised.

Qatar Airways has a few things going for it. Ok, maybe more than a few – but if you want to focus on one, it’s the Qsuite – arguably the best overall business class experience in the world, and one of the two best business class seats ever to fly.

Via the sale, a lot more people than usual can do more than dream about that kind of experience, with fares all over the globe for roughly 1/3 of the usual prices. Like £1000 offers from Europe, and some flights from the US under $2500 round trip.

a close up of a signThe Best Offers

We’ve been scouring the interwebs to find the best offers, and so far the standout gems are from Sweden, Italy and the UK in Europe, and a few cities across the USA. If you’re elsewhere, head to the Australia, New Zealand, Brazil or South Africa deal pages to see what’s on offer from your hood.

Best Offers From Europe

We’re seeing the old school glory of £1000 business class offers from Europe, with some absolute steals out of Sweden, and for UK travellers, solid options too. Stockholm has round trip flights to places which have managed to avoid any significant Coronavirus outbreak, such as Phuket and Bangkok, as well as fantastic offers to India and Africa, like…

There’s more, but we’re too lazy to post them – so go find your own. The easiest way to find the deals is to scroll down on each of the country pages – aka Sweden, Norway, Italy, UK and select “premium” only, where you’ll find deals even lower than advertised.

Hot tip: look out for Qatar’s (stupid) new fares which show up as business class but are actually mixed cabin. It’ll tell you clearly, but you do have to look for them.

a stairway leading up to a cityQatar Business Class Seats

Depending on what you’ll fly, you’ll get a few different seats with Qatar Airways, but they’re pretty much all brilliant. The Qsuite, on the Boeing 777-300ER and select Airbus A350 aircraft is arguably the best, with a privacy door, but the old A350 seat and old Boeing 787 Dreamliner seat are also fab. Here’s a review of each.

These deals are easy to find and book on QatarAirways.com, thanks in part to their 15 day calendar which helps you find the lowest fares. If you search for your desired dates, once you get results you can then see a button at the top right for “15 day calendar” which brings up the lowest prices around the days you’ve chosen.

It’ll also show you the seat you should be expecting for each flight, which can be handy! Enjoy the trip. It’s hard to imagine something nicer than sitting on a beach with a tropical drink after flying there in a private suite right now…

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  1. Tell us more !!!!!
    Spoon feed me the bargains
    I’m on holiday (thanks to a cheap Qatar business class deal) and am too drunk with too little time to look into the options. …….that’s why I subscribe here !!

  2. Qatar’s website is the worst! Trying to find premium fares is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And, I found no US originating fares for premium that were bargains.

  3. not bookable for this price. at least not the 1000 GBP fares. Maybe I’m wrong but gimme example of ARN-DPS for GBP1200.. you just help QR to spread this fake offers which they’re famous for nowadays. Also what sense it makes to use GBP as currency for fares originating in Norway, Sweden or Italy when the dominant currency in most of Europe is EUR?

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