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Editorial note: Review scores are based against the best possible business class experiences available across all airlines, in regards to each criterion.

The greatest fun in running a large travel blog is the obligation to try lots of different airline seats, Qatar A350 business class being just one of them. We buy tickets, we test, we compare. The hardest part of running a large travel blog is knowing which are the best, but still ending up on others, for testing purposes.

After flying Qatar Airways Qsuite business class on the Airbus A350-1000, it’s really quite hard to compare it to virtually any other business class experience, with the exception of ANA’s “The Room”, which launched in late 2019.

Though it felt cheesy at the time of the marketing launch, Qatar Airways moniker of “first in business class” for the A350 Qsuite really does seem fair. It’s a first class feel, but somehow in a business class cabin. Naturally, you’ll want to know more.

Here’s what it’s like to fly Qatar A350 Qsuites Business Class, including where to sit, some menu favourites and a few seat features which really separate this experience from just about anything else you’ll find in business class. I don’t mean to be biased, but after you fly it, you’ll understand why it’s hard not to be a huge fan…

Qatar Airways Qsuite business class on the Airbus A350-1000

The QR A350-1000 Qsuite

Stunning is an often overused word, but from the moment you step on board, you’ll see why it’s deserved here. On its own, the A350 is one of the newest planes in the sky, and Qatar has kitted their A350’s out with state of the art mood lighting and removed overhead bins from the central aisle to give this plane an extra feeling of open space.

Plus, you’ll quickly be handed a lovely amenity kit, featuring Brics products. Expect essentials to keep your skin, lips and eyes in good shape in flight. In addition to an amenity kit, expect personal bottles of water to accompany your drink and food orders.

The A350-1000 Qsuite Privacy Door

Each Qsuite business class seat offers a privacy door, which makes each suite completely private from eye level during flight. If someone is standing up and walking down the aisle, they can conceivably see into the business class suite, but from passenger to passenger, you’re totally hidden.

The main benefit: you don’t need to worry about your a$$ being on display if you change into the lovely pyjamas provided by Qatar Airways, and end up sleeping sideways.

The other main benefit of the privacy door is that you’re not as subject to light or noise from other passengers screens, conversations or windows. When you’re trying to maximise sleep, which is obviously a key benefit in business class – it’s a big difference maker.

Window seats on the Qatar Airways Airbus A350, like all other Qsuite seats are staggered where some have the seat close to the window, with more space between you and the aisle, and others have the seat closer to the aisle. I prefer the seats closer to the window.

Like most business class cabins, all Qatar A350’s offer a few seats which are arguably better than others. If you’re traveling solo, the window seats which have the seat closest to the window are definitely the best play.

If you’re traveling with a couple, you’ll clearly see on the Qatar seat maps the rows which are meant for couples and be converted into a double bed.

For family travel, Qatar even has some rows where four suites can be combined to all face in on each other. These are typically found in row 11,12 and are a great choice for a variety of reasons, including proximity to the exit door.

Best Qsuite Seats On Airbus A350-1000

On the Qatar Airways A350-1000, the best Qsuites for solo travellers are window seats in rows: 1, 3, 5, and 11. These seats all have the actual seat and bed nearest the window, rather than the aisle.

Row 11 is near the galley, but offers the smaller mini cabin near the most commonly used exit door, which is generally quieter and experiences far less foot traffic.

If you’re travelling with a loved one, rows 1, 3, 5, 7 and 11 are also your best bet, in seats E and F respectively.

If you’re solo, or with a colleague and window seats are taken, aim for even numbered rows in seats B, D, G, or J. In all seats, the footwell offers very solid room, which allows even taller travellers to move around in their sleep, within reason.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Seat Key Features

As far as features go, this A350 business class seat is action packed. There’s a do not disturb button, as well as ample charging ports with both AC and USB connectivity.

Unlike many airline seat designs, the charging ports on the Qsuite are well located in a place where you’re highly unlikely to dislodge them in your sleep.

For any entertainment connoisseurs, the pièce de résistance in this business class cabin is the entertainment system.

The Qsuite screen is fully HD, suitably sized at 22” and allows you to scroll through the selection like an iPad. It’s wicked fast and incredibly responsive to the touch. And yes, there’s also a remote to control it while laying down.

On all flights, I’ve always found the entertainment selection to be well varied with everything from latest Hollywood blockbuster to classic TV box sets, with a heavy HBO partnership. I certainly never mind.

Since virtually every Qatar Airways flight transits Doha Hamad International Airport, I tend to try and download a bunch of offline content during my layover, just to have some extra options.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Business Class Food And Drinks

There's no telling exactly how long it will last, but Qatar Airways has brought back some outrageous selections to its business class wine menu, including Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne. Bollinger Rose and other classics are known to make an appearance to. Here's a peek at the wines offered in Qsuites A350 business class on my flight, as viewed in Vivino, my favourite wine app...

As always, the airline uses a dine on demand concept for business class, which means that you can eat whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like. In practice, crews and flight attendants are happy to serve you at any point and the more you communicate your wishes in advance, the better and more tailored the service tends to become.

You can't go wrong with a Qatar Airways Biryani or any of the spiced chicken main dishes and the desserts are almost always worth an indulgence. The coconut pudding pictured above certainly was. All washed down nicely of course with a cup of Karak Chai tea.

Top Tips For Flying Qatar Airways A350 Qsuite

You now know where to sit and have a good idea of what to drink. In terms of extra tips, there are a few. For starters, you'll inevitably connect in Doha on your journey.

If at all possible, it's best to try and avoid connections which put you in Doha between 11PM-230AM, as this is when the Qatar Al Mourjan lounge tends to be rammed. If of course you book an 'R' fare with Qatar Airways, lounge access is separate anyway, so a short connection might not hurt.

If you do find yourself there during these hours, travellers on paid business class tickets can upgrade to Al Safwa First Class lounge access for 600QAR, which is about $150USD. It's an awful lot of money, when there's another lounge available, but if you need a shower, a nap room or an incredible wine bar, this could easily be justified.

For picky eaters, there's always the option to pre-order meals online, using Qatar Airways website. You can still enjoy things from the a la carte dine on demand menu as you wish, but it's a good way to guarantee whatever it is you want, or cater to a specific interest.

With plenty of overhead bin access, there's no real reason to board first, unless you like the privilege of doing so.

I generally always prefer enjoying fresh air elsewhere to being stuck in a composite tube, so if you feel the same way, don't worry too much about finding space for your belongings. Between storage in your seat, and the oversized bins above, there's no reason to fret, even with the insane amounts of duty free you occasionally see leaving Doha!

This may very well still be the world's best business class experience, even with ANA launching arguably a better seat.

Have you flown Qsuite on the A350? What did you think?