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During one of the best times of year too!

Travellers all over the world dream of New York in the winter, but once they get there – they dream of a new winter coat to walk around in. New York is a city of extremes, offering negative temperatures throughout the winter, and then extreme heat in peak summer. There are two magic times of year in New York though: spring and autumn. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways just sneakily launched sales with direct flights in business class for £1390 round trip, with no faff involved!

a group of tall buildingsThe Flight Deals To NYC

New York is always a treat, but New York in style feels fantastic. By late spring 2020, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic will have their new seats on more and more flights into the city, which means the big choice will be: BA Club Suite, or new Virgin Upper Class Suite.

Though the schedules haven’t yet been updated, Virgin Atlantic will be flying at least 4x daily with the new A350, while British Airways will have at least two daily Boeing 777 flights to New York offering the new Club Suite. Here’s the details on which flights will have the Virgin A350, and which will have the new British Airways 777 seats.

a bed in a planeThe Dates You Can Travel

You can certainly expect other business class deals to drop for near term travel before the end of the year, but these deals are a great chance to book 2020 dates in April or May. The only real catch? You can only find these prices for Monday-Thursday departures.

The good news though? You can come back as soon as the next Monday, which means a New York long weekend in glorious spring weather, or tragic April showers is totally in play. Just take Friday and Monday off…

a desk in a planeHow To Book These Business Class Flights

These deals are easy to book with Virgin Atlantic or British Airways, and we’ve made easy to use links to get you there. The only minor frustration is that you’ll need to read the guides above on which flights will have the newer seats.

If you’d prefer to wait until the airlines update the schedule to show the new planes, you can always do that, but there’s no guarantee the prices will wait around either. Of course, there will always be another sale though at some point…

Here’s a bunch of recommendations for New York, a few things not to do, and the best ways to get from the airport (JFK) into the city. My pick? The helicopter for $149 all in…

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  1. JFK-LHR,BA112 has always been on a 747 and never been a 777 flight, maybe the new club suites will be on BA173 that seems to make more sense than 112

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