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Want to trade seats on the plane? Whatever ticket you’ve got for my comfortable flat bed up front? Yep, one of those seats with the champagne, the delicious food and the semi (to fully) friendly smiles? You’ve got a deal. You’ll just have to find me first. Since the best promotions often involve pain, and Richard Branson (the guru of humorous, amusing promotions) is my hero, for the entire year (2017), I, Gilbert Ott, am putting out a challenge for anyone who can find me.

And after you learn about the contest, there’s also a giveaway for two business class tickets…

a bed in an airplaneYou may need a little bit of luck, but if you find me in an airport: check in counter, security lane, terminal, lounge or even boarding gate, I’ll switch seats with you, provided we’re on the same flight. Yep, I’m flying to all these places in business or first class this year, and you can get upgraded- just for following this page.  All you have to do is say “Gilbert, GodSaveThePoints. I want your seat”, or something like that…

a map of the world with red linesThe Game…

I’ll be posting and regularly updating a map of my upcoming travels on Twitter, which you can monitor via the GodSaveThePoints.com homepage, at the bottom of the page. In the week and days before any flight I will drop clues about where I am, where I’ll be going, when and which airline on Twitter and Instagram. If you can crack the code or just get purely lucky and happen to see me wandering aimlessly in an airport, you can have my seat. That’s right. I’ll happily trade my bed for whatever seat you have, even on long international flights. We started this site to give the very best free travel information to as many people as possible and this seems like a pretty fun (and funny) way to connect with the people who make it happen, bringing new people in. I’ll probably come to regret this, especially on one of the countless 10+ hour flights I have upcoming. With the volume I travel, there will be plenty of regular opportunity to quite literally “upgrade” yourself at my expense. This may turn into a disaster for me..

Current Upcoming Flights With: American, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Delta, Alaska, Qatar, Swiss, Lufthansa, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Etihad.

Memorize These Mugshots- Fly Up Front…

a man sitting in a chaira man and woman kneeling on a blanket on a mountain topa man in a suit standing in an airplane

a man sitting at a table with food and headphones

a man taking a selfie with clouds and mountains in the background

a man sitting in a chair with a glass of wine

a man standing behind a bar with wine glasses and a bottle

a man sitting in a plane

Now you’ve seen too much of me: next step, find me.

But Really, Why Do This?

That’s a question I will probably end up asking myself while at the chiropractor, after 14 hour back to back flights in economy, with bags of ice on my knees. But for now, the reason is very simple. I want to deliver the best travel deals and information to as many people as possible. I’m really proud of our new site and if the chance to make me sit in coach while simultaneously making someones day brings me a single new reader, I’m psyched about that. For now… it’s worth it. We’ll see just how bad it gets. Be sure to check our homepage regularly, where you can monitor the Twitter feed (bottom of the page) for clues while catching up on the best travel deals and opportunities using your points and stuff!

a bottle of wine next to a glassAnd Yes, There Really Is A Contest For Business Class Tickets…

I will buy one lucky winner (and a guest) two business class tickets- anywhere in the US that Alaska Airlines flies, or on a mutually agreeable intra European route that British Airways flies. Dates will need to be agreed upon, but it’s a deal. If you live elsewhere- we can try to find a short haul business class solution too. To enter, leave a comment in the comments section, with a link to your favorite GodSaveThePoints.com post, and why it was helpful, insightful or interesting to you. You can always search the site, if you need some inspiration- by clicking the search icon at the top right corner of the home page. There are no right or wrong answers: a winner will be chosen purely at random using Random.org, and all decisions are final.

Gilbert Ott

Gilbert Ott is an ever curious traveler and one of the world's leading travel experts. His adventures take him all over the globe, often spanning over 200,000 miles a year and his travel exploits are regularly...

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  1. Love the creativity. I don’t fly intl longhaul in anything less than J, but I’ll keep an eye out to say hi!

    1. Bryan, please do. Love meeting fellow enthusiasts. Yep, trying to bring some fun into things, and I often find myself in a situation where I say “would Richard Branson do this?” and if it’s yes, I gotta do it. Will see how it goes. Could be a disaster haha!

  2. I REALLY appreciated your “heads up” post in February about American’s Business Extra promotion. Those 650 points were enough to put me over the top for a membership to replace access I gave up by downgrading my Citi Prestige after Admirals Club access was axed.

  3. This is brilliant, really brought a smile to my face. I can’t imagine taking you up on the offer , I would feel too guilty! Great promo none the less, welcome to London too!

  4. Love it! This seems like a lot of fun. I hope to not be in long haul economy, but I will certainly take your first class seat for my biz seat. I am really enjoying your blog. I’m glad you are on boarding area now so I don’t have to remember to go to your site to see what you are writing about.

  5. I love this. It certainly is something Branson would do. Admittedly one of my favourite posts would be the “Starter tips for becoming a points and miles wizard”. As someone whom only ventured into the world of focusing on collecting points/miles when I travel recently; it was great to find tips and tricks so I could hit the ground running. I’m still learning how to be more savvy with earning and spending points, but GSTP has certainly helped. 🙂 https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2015/04/30/getstartedrookies/

  6. I recently got the Platinum Amex card, so I really enjoy allyour posts about maximizing Points transfer with them. Thanks for the fun contests, hope I catch you on a future flight.

  7. LOL, great idea. I wonder how long it’ll be until you’re wearing shades and a hat inside a lounge ?

  8. Now that’s a creative blogger/journo- well done.

    Yours is one of many travel blogs I read but not one of the regular ones; it will be now though!And that’s despite the fact I’ll not be near an airport for at least 4 month so have no chance of winning.

    Much kudos for the brilliant idea and the chutzpah!

    ps for your sake I hope it’s not the LAX flight, looks like the longest single leg! ?

  9. This sounds like a really fun promo, I look forward to hearing some of the [horror] stories to come.

    As for favorite articles, there is no question that my favorites are those that center around maximizing the experience in first for the fewest miles/points. IT would be great to see strategies for around the world first class trips using minimal points. Some examples of my favorites so far include:

  10. Great contest. Like the other poster I’m never in Y anyways so it doesn’t matter to me. But will definitely look to see I spot you someone randomly. Look for a douchey looking Asian dude usually wearing all lulu sportswear and a US flag styled vineyard vine stick on a tumi carryon. (I like to travel comfortably)

  11. I would be hard-pressed to name a more favorite post than this one: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2015/02/16/travebloggersarentlikeable/

    1) This was the sentence when I knew I would keep reading your blog for the foreseeable future: “Personally, I find most travel bloggers unlikeable.”

    2) This was the wake-up call travel bloggers needed: “You see those people getting cattle prodded to that narrow seat of doom on this long haul flight? They would kill to sit in that seat you are complaining about.”

    3) This was #truth: “The bottom line is if you are flying business or first class it’s all great, it’s all wonderful and if you want to complain about it, someone like me will come along and make you look like an a**hole.”

  12. Wonderful idea! I just started reading your posts few months ago. But know I read you regularly. Took several recommendation for my upcoming England trip from your post. Best and hope to see you around. Thanks.

  13. Think this is a really cool idea, I always hope to see one one of you travel gurus when I fly but as I’ve been mostly traveling around West Africa lately doubt that will happen. Would love to see you try and review the business class lounge in Monrovia or Bamako to give you a baseline on the worst lounge in the world.

    Favorite post I’ve read lately was the one on Google Flights which was really useful, especially being able to enter the multiple cities to search from and to, a real time saver.

  14. First post I read this morning. That’s really nice of you to be doing this. I’m sure it makes a whole lot of difference between economy and business or even premium economy. I’ve always been a silent reader and I enjoyed reading the flights review. I live in SEA and I haven’t been on a flight more than 7 hours, but I’ve really been wanting to see the northern lights. You pretty much summarize where and I’ve marked Iceland. Just need to gather more information, save some money and miles. =)


  15. One of the first GSTP articles that I read, I come across about 3 months after I discovered the miles and points world. After going through each of the links in the post, I not only was more excited than ever to learn even more about this hobby, but I also learned things that I never thought of. This post really opened by eyes to endless possibilities of miles and points and is why I have been a reader of your blog ever since!! 🙂


  16. Do I have to pick just one? I’ll pick two:

    First – https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/02/09/four-amazing-ways-to-spend-your-amex-membership-rewards-points/ – for some reason, I generally have more trouble using MRs than URs or TYs, so that post was a great way to get my juices flowing to try to use my 500k MRs in an amazing way.

    Second – https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/12/google-flights-tricks-to-get-best-flight-deals/ – helped me learn how to use Google Flights better to either get better deals, or get more from the money I was already spending.

    Thanks for all the awesome info!

  17. This is my contest entry for the two business class tickets:

    I’m choosing this post because I had never heard of this deal before seeing it here, and I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else. The link to the offer seems to work, but I have not activated it yet, so hopefully it won’t get randomly yanked before I can do it. Also, the post was very well structured, succinct, and answered all of my follow up questions (where can I see a list of the hotels where I can redeem?) before I had to ask them.

  18. This is one definitely my favorite (and ironically, you just posted it): https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/15/best-strategies-for-business-class-deals-north-america-and-asia/

    Almost all of my international travel essentially boils down to Asia (be it North or South Asia), so this was really helpful. I only just started traveling in the last two years, and hadn’t been aware of the power of miles or points until last year when I realized that my travel would probably boil down to 2 RTs to Asia every year for the foreseeable future (plus some shorter domestic or European trips); didn’t even make my first award redemption until last month!

  19. You legend!!! Looking forward to reading about what comes of this idea!

    My favourite post is the one about phoning airlines:
    The idea about calling a different time zone to make a booking was genius! We did this when we went to book our companion voucher with BA at xmas to Melbourne, we thought ‘noooo they’ll tell us to call back in the UK’ but unbelievably they took the booking, and we got our seats. Thanks for all the tips, happy flying ?

  20. I’ll be looking out for you in every airport I go to. Personally for me I loved the 5 destinations that offer excellent value for money. I read this earlier in the year and hit up Bulgaria with friends, then booked 10 days in Vietnam with my gf which turned out to be our best (and best value) trip we have ever been on. We have Blacked out time to head over to Sri Lanka later this year and Argentina will be on the list for next year. I think that just leaves Cambodia and South Africa then…


  21. Great post Gilbert, have been following your blog for last 3 years ever since I signed up for a BA AMex card and started to collect points. My husband has another card too, we’ve ended up with 3 companion vouchers but not enough points to use it so it seems so wasteful, still not effectively collecting enough AVIOS points. Yet to fly business, we tried to book LON-NYC business this year but it would have wiped out our whole AVIOS bank and we have another companion voucher running out soon so I chickened out! I found the https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/11/things-you-can-do-when-an-airline-changes-flights-schedule/ post extremely useful as normally I wouldn’t even question the airline for moving my flight/reascheduling, I would have just frustratedly accepted, which I think most people do as they’re not aware of what they’re entitled to. It’s a great post and I’ll certainly remember this next time, I’ll also try and spot you in future! Thanks again for the blog, it’s well written, easy to read and most importantly, full of variety

  22. Hey Gilbert. My favourite posts of yours are the ones that nobody else is doing. It’s the ones where you do the hard work in figuring out the redemption sweet spots across different FFPs like this one:

    There are a few of them from over the last couple of years, and they’re really useful, and like I said, you’re the only blogger I’ve seen doing it. So, thanks!

  23. Hey Gilbert. Thanks for starting this contest. I’m new to the mileage runs, collecting miles, and managing 5+ credit cards. When I read your article about how to colllect points without actually travelling, I knew I still had a chance to upgrade my economy tickets for the business class/first class experience. I definitely had the inspiration to get credit cards that are reward focused. I’m now close to my goal of travelling in upper class. Here,s the link to the article: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2016/07/20/earnmilesfromhome/

  24. hilarious. i think i saw you yesterday in the Platinus lounge at Budapest airport dressed up like Cee Lo Green. (Yes, I saw him there. It wasn’t you, right?)

    honestly, i love reading all your posts. i’ve been in the points game for a few years (used them to go LAX to Sapporo for example on Korean in biz class on their spectacular a380) and love all the hints.

    thanks. keep up the great writing!

  25. My husband and I love traveling internationally. We have never been able to travel Business Class (except a good 20 years ago when British Airline upgraded us free along with our daughters!) We have really enjoyed your blog and FB posts to help us get lots of deals and tips. My favorite is about the best credit cards for frequent travelers/flyers. https://www.godsavethepoints.com/?s=travel+credit+cards
    Thanks so much for caring to help people with a passion to travel (and need to travel a need now that our daughter’s and their families live across the country).

  26. Loved your “When buying points and miles makes sense” article back in 2015. Helped me set up an Alaska miles account which I’m now saving (buying) points through every time they have a sale in order to get my dream trip from the UK to Oz for out 25th wedding anniversary!
    Love following your posts and all the best with the move to the UK…maybe see you at LHR as I’m flying through a fair few times in the coming 12 months.

  27. As an top-level elite of Virgin America — don’t get two excited; after all, there are only two levels — I am confronted with the need to get quickly up-to-speed with a new program, new rules, and new opportunities as VX gets absorbed by Alaska. Thus, this post (https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/06/07/alaska-is-offering-2x-miles-for-flights-10-partners/) gave me a great opportunity to add to my Alaska miles “stash,” which is already rather considerable (for me) due to the Virgin:Alaska transfer ratio of 1:1.3.

  28. Gilbert – If I run into you I’ll buy you a drink, but not in the lounge. Since I don’t do coach I will never win this, ….but, …. I think the two tips I liked the most (deleted the links because they are no longer available) were the 35K SPG – Virgin Atlantic, and the Etihad – Brussels 36,600. So are you flying out of LHR or Gatwick now?

  29. I found your article regarding the my flights app useful as it has instantly informed me of any changes to my flights. Cheers!

  30. Been using google flights after your recommendation on many of your articles. You even tagged me in a business class deal to NYC which I used for my summer vacation. Thanks.

  31. I love your approach to the seats trading, and a reader like myself is thankful enough for the posts you put up on deals, airlines/hotels news, etc. Keep it up and keep up the enthusiasm, the travel space definitely needs more bloggers like yourself.

    My favorite blog post was actually from yesterday:

    That’s because after that post, I bought a flight from NYC to Zurich for the fall with my wife! Thank you!

  32. Hi Gilbert!

    Firstly — this is awesome. Second, I seriously want to win this contest! I am one of those tall people scrunched into economy seats over and over, and have always stared longingly at the cushioned seats and ample leg room of the section as I walk through to my doom.

    Okay, so that was a little dramatic, but I loved your post on the AirHelp app! With so many airlines messing up these days, it’s really useful to know what you’re entitled to. I personally had no idea, and can’t wait to download this app and have it search through my flight history (and use it in future situations) to earn a bit of cash. Hey, maybe I can put that towards a business class seat for myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity, and have fun with your challenge!

  33. Amazing website! Still going through some of the articles but this one about the secret public Marriott promotion definitely caught my attention.


    I take a lot of weekend staycations with my son up to Los Angeles to hit up the theme parks, and usually book a night if I can get a really great deal. I will be doing this for sure this summer to score this deal, SWEET! Thanks so much 😀

  34. Wow. I want your job! You probably get that a lot. Am enjoying browsing your archives. I am sharing some things with my daughter who will be traveling to London next month. One I have shared today is London Tip: Ride the Bus! Do you ever fly Virgin Atlantic between Orlando, FL and London Gatwick? If so I will tell her to keep an eye out for you. http://economyclassandbeyond.boardingarea.com/2017/07/15/london-tip-ride-by-bus/#_ga=2.254196936.1798732267.1500375578-1188095.1500375578

  35. Hi Gilbert, this is an excelent site to learn about secret promotions, upgrades and other how-to-things a traveller could need.
    I was very interested in the post about Tokyo: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/14/photo-guide-four-perfect-days-exploring-tokyo-japan/ as I returned from Japan after a 2-week rundtrip kust in May this year. Its always interesting to see a city you know with the eyes of an another people 🙂
    greetings from Slovakia!!

  36. Just came across your site. Wow – jammed backed with info. Hope to spot, Gibert, on my next flight. That would really be fun & top everything!

  37. I just found your blog today and I’m an admitted newbie when it comes to being an extreme point collector and awards user. I research flight deals all the time to feed my wanderlust, and found the Google Flight tricks and the “Discover Destinations” tool fascinating and very helpful! I hope I can cross paths with you during this contest since you look amazingly like my cousin who is currently living in Brussels and I’ve been wanting to go see him and his family while they’re there for a work assignment – Cheers and safe travels!

  38. I just recently stumbled upon your website and had a look around, you have great articles and I love how you give us the information in simple terms so anyone can get these great deals. I enjoyed a small write-up you did called “Stop Searching for Upgrades or Flights Using Miles. Get an Email When They Become Available Instead…”
    I never knew how people could find such great upgrades and have a happier flights no crammed into coach seating. Thanks to you and all your staff for the great website you have put together here. I hope I get a chance to use these business class tickets.

  39. Hi, Gilbert!

    My favorite post of yours has got to be this one! In fact, I loved the idea so much that I shared it on our website (see here: http://vivalifestyleandtravel.com/general/travel-and-lifestyle/news/first-class-ticket-giveaway). Surely that’s worth a couple of business class tickets…haha

    If I’m not the lucky winner, I am flying back home to the UK for Christmas so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you at YVR or London Heathrow airports!

  40. My family has had the good fortune of traveling to Europe twice in the past year and I find most of your tips relating to how to save money on airline tickets the best (Thank You!!!). However, I CANNOT lie: your announcement of the new Star Wars Hotel in FL DEFINITELY sent shivers through our bodies!!! We’re totally stoked to plan THAT trip!!! 🙂 Be well!

  41. I liked your post about Star Wars hotel that’s coming to a disneyworld. We’re going back there in sept for the fifth time so this gives another reason to go back. Luckily I was able to book my flight plus one son using SWA points, then get my other son a flight with our Companion pass. So 3 free flight to Disneyworld!

  42. This post about Cape Town was interesting in reminding me about how nice it would be to visit that city.


    Mention of this post is to let others know but also (ha ha) to see if I can win the Alaska Airlines or intra-Europe British Airways prize that is offered. Actually, my sights are set low, just medium length AS flight is fine with me. I’ll even take photos on such flight for you, if you can use them.

  43. I’d love to meet you to exchange stories of favorites places visited, etc. What a wonderful website and blog. Oh, and of course, it would be cool to switch seats!.
    Love the promotion. Hope you’re able to keep it going.

  44. Got me interested in reading more…now I will be following and learning. While I doubt I will ever get a chance to play “I spy” you, I’ll keep a lookout anyway:-) Fun travels! “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ernest Hemingway

  45. Just stumbled on your site, so I’m immersing myself in the newbie section. Currently downloading about 5 new apps from your 10 Hottest Apps of 2017 post. New fan!

  46. Deal Alert: $399+ to Geneva + Zurich, Switzerland ??… I adore the land of cheese and it’s about time I went back for a lakeside frolic amongst the Alps.

  47. As an Alaska MVP Gold member, I am always looking for ways to maximize my Alaska benefits! Your article – though mostly focused on Alaska MVP 75K – was super insightful! Long way to go to reach that status, but I do hope I can someday! I’ll keep checking in for more tips and trips specific to Alaska! “Alaska Airlines Loyalty Program is even more lucrative than I realized. Here’s why”: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/02/23/alaska-airlines-lucrative-mileage-plan-program/

    Thank you!

  48. Even if I did see Gil Ott, I don’t think I would be able to take his chair in first class.. but that’s just me. However, I’ll gladly take the chance of winning the two business class tickets from home. B)

  49. What a find, love all of your tips. I’ll be looking for you in the airport on my next trip.

  50. OK, I admit, I’ve never seen or heard of this site, the blogger or his work! But I’m glad I did. I was pulling in by the “offer” hehe, but stayed because of the content. My favorite post is: 5 Tips to Save Move on Your Next Ticket. I am always looking for how to lower those fares and while I guessed a few of them myself, from experience, I got some insight from this post that I’ve never considered before! Thanks!!

    On another matter, Your favicon (browser tab icon) is highly reminiscent of the Delta Airlines logo. Colors, angles, shapes, industry: it all looks too familiar. If one wasn’t careful, they would mistake your site for a Delta company blog! Some free advice from a branding specialist. Update your blog logo to incorporate more of the “points” concept with a “heavenly” feel. Thanks for your brilliant posts…


  51. I liked the one about how to make economy feel like first class… fun to read w/ good tips

  52. Just found out about your blog so I don’t have a favorite post yet, but will definitely be following now!!

  53. Thank you for all the helpful information. I am new to earning and using miles but I am trying to plan a surprise trip for my husband and this is a great contest!! I am a Newbie but so far my favorite post is https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2016/02/18/akfirstclasstrick/. I just got an Alaska Airlines credit card and the information was helpful on earning and using points, buying points and upgrades. Thank you again for the blogs!

  54. For everyone reading…DO NOT get the United Presidential Plus card. I pay the 495 a year and I can’t get any good flights using points. Im looking to go anywhere in Central America and can’t find anything under 20 hours or 2 layovers or an overnight. I tried off season, the first and second weekends in November and 7 airports across Central America. NO flights without 37.5k miles on the way back. The first time i used it about 6 years ago, I got a ticket to Nicaragua for 35k roundtrip and the 530am leaving NJ and the 130pm return.

    DO NOT USE UNITED!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Living in Switzerland and UK I find your site to be the most relevant for me! Many of the deals you posted have helped me to gain quite a few miles even if it’s just a simple sign up deal like the e rewards post!

  56. Wish you flew United since that is my weekly commute. Anyway God Bless You for the offer this post has to be my favorite since it is inspirational

  57. I love your post on getting started with miles/points. I am not a huge traveler, but would love to do more and of course, find ways to make it more affordable and comfortable.

    Thanks for such great insights!


  58. This is cool! Sounds like loads of fun for you. You’re cute enough to remember! I will be looking in Europe!

  59. I love traveling with points. This year I’m was able to get tickets for my husband, friend, and twin girls to go to Japan in August. It was about 7K in tickets and I celebrated when the agent said you have enough points to cover this entire trip!

  60. The article i found the most helpful was https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2015/10/17/questionanswer/. Reading it 3 years ago as a broke college student with big dreams of travel, it inspired me to set my travel goals and make them happen. Thanks to much of your advice, i was able to book a 9 day European trip with hotels and air travel to 3 different cities for $1,000 total.

    Since graduating and joining the corporate workforce, i have now made it my personal goal to pick a new country each year and explore it.

    Thank you for not only sowing it can be done, but sharing every step you’ve taken to get there! Anyone can get good deals, but its the phenomenal people who share it with others 🙂

  61. Bless your heart! As my husband and i reach retirement we are looking forward to traveling more. I am disabled with hypoglycemic unawareness and now have to travel with a medic-alert dog, with me 24/7. Since he weighs 75 lbs our logistics have become more variable. Since we can only fly coach ($), we need bulkhead seats. The extra room in business class would be a godsend. Safe travels to you and yours!

  62. Sounds fun. I’ll keep my eye out. And, I would love to win the free tickets to Europe!!

  63. love this post! interesting to see that some people are still willing to draw a smile on other peoples faces by just asking so little in return.
    🙂 keep going!!

  64. now, That’s the way to make oneself known.
    It has already been Written that “the more one gives the more one receives” so
    without being a prophet nor the son of a prophet, i predict this site will be getting more than what it gives:-)

  65. https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/16/deals-alert-399-many-us-cities-geneva-zurich-switzerland-works-directions/ This is my favorite article, and I appreciate your travel tips! My husband and I only discovered traveling later in life, after our kids were grown and we had the money and time to actually travel. So I have some catching up to do, and any advice or good prices really helps. We mostly try to fly for Avios or American Airline points, mainly because I can pretty much figure out their point systems, but I’m hoping to figure more out soon. 🙂

  66. This is an insanely awesome contest! My husband and I would love to go back to Europe. This website seems really helpful, I wil be following to plan my next trip.

  67. I stumbled upon your article about how to upgrade to first class (http://www.travelandleisure.com/airlines-airports/when-to-upgrade) when I was planning my trip to Italy last month! I’m not good with flying, and since my flight to Europe from DC was a bit long, I seriously thought about getting a business class ticket instead. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it happen financially, but I got the idea of asking at the check-in counter just in case, from your article! Because you’re right, it costs nothing to ask! I didn’t get the chance to get upgraded, but ever since, even for domestic flights, I’ve always made sure to ask just in case. Which I never thought to do before! Thanks for the tip!

  68. Hi Gilbert,
    Your favorite post of mine is the “A GREAT STRATEGY TO MAXIMIZE AIRLINE CREDIT CARD SIGN UP BONUSES…” It inspired me to apply for a better credit card where I could benefit more from my traveling. I don’t take one SINGLE airline the most as I tend to see what’s best, but I have been reading your blog to learn how to better traveling for free! I was able to pay off an entire trip thanks to my credit card points and it got me hooked! I’ve never flown business class, but I’d love to!


  69. I am 59yo. and still finding my way around the internet, lol. I will be doing my first Amazon order later today and am so excited ! I’ve been surfing the net today for an hour or so and really can not remember how I came into your site. I think it was on my AOL homepage and I followed the link. I think the give up your seat contest is amazing, and although I will not travel internationally this yr maybe I’ll bump into you on one of my planned trips to NYC. Although I am still reading info from your website I came across the Top Cash Back website and have signed up and am looking forward to using it, and telling others about it. Word of mouth is one of the best ways I know to share any information. https://www.topcashback.co.uk/account/new-member. Safe happy travels.

  70. July21st, 2017

    The last time I flew to Europe – was Easter, 1972! I went to the southern coast of Spain! I was the youngest (13) of 30 teenagers – and 6 adult chaperones. The best thing about the whole trip – was that there were only 5 guys and 25 – GOOD LOOKING GIRLS! The best part about that was – if the girls wanted to do anything – they ALWAYS grabbed 1, or 2 guys to go with them! (And they seemed to ALWAYS WANT ME, to go with them! I didn’t mind. They took REAL GOOD CARE OF ME! If we went out for a meal – it was on them. If we went to a club, ditto. There were even a pair of sisters that paid for a boat trip – along with water skiing!

  71. Gilbert – I forgot to tell you, according to the above map – you don’t use any of the airports I now use! They are Cleveland (most relatives), Baltimore – to see 2 brothers, Orlando/Daytona Beach/Jacksonville (closest to me is Daytona Beach and Orlando is – usually – the cheapest).

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    An OPEN LETTER To Your Friend Who Doesn’t Play The Points & Miles Game (But Should)

    I am glad because I have a secret motive, I want her to travel with me more and if she works on getting points and miles for her business travel, then she will be more motivated to fly with me for fun stuff!


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    You did an article, “Here’s How To Earn FREE HOTEL NIGHTS Without Using COMPLICATED Points Programs…” that was very helpful to my little travel group and we passed it around. We have had several discussions about the hotel.com one which is truly amazing. Funny thing is I’ve used that website many times and never knew that free room was an option. Thank you!

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    1. Melissa, Thanks for the comment which makes me really love what I do. Very Best to you and your two babies!

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    Safe travels

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    When I read this article, I had just finished meeting my minimum spending requirement on the AAdvantage card…but I had no idea the barclay card even existed. What an easy addition to my miles with AA! Thank you so much for the tips and guidance. Totally scored with that one! And looking forward to adoring again. Your solutions are simple and, yet, so rewarding.

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    This may seem like an obvious one, but this was incredibly helpful for me with planning trips and really getting some great prices! A lot of my travel has flexible dates, and the ability to search a wide variety of departure dates was a lifesaver. I’m currently reading up on your posts about utilizing miles/points most efficiently. Keep up the great work!

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    ( https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/04/13/10crazyplacesonearth/ ) – added 10 completely new dream destinations to my bucket list. They’re all new to me and make me even more excited to continue my travels in the future! ?

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    I read quite a few articles, and will be back to read more. I can’t hide my excitement for the addition of anything Star Wars at the Disney parks, so I loved reading about the new Star Wars hotel coming to Florida.
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    THE ONE MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE WITH THEIR CREDIT CARD REWARDS POINTS post was my most recent favorite. It helped me a lot because I did not realize that airlines and hotels often have a fixed point rate for their flights/rooms, I assumed that they flucuated with the market cash price. So it is almost always a better deal to transfer rewards points to partners if you can!

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    First off, thank you for the awesome posts that fuel my desire to continue traveling for the rest of my life. Your posts regarding credit cards (such as this one: https://www.godsavethepoints.com/2017/07/03/travel-mistake-tcb-travel-cash-back/ ) have been so helpful for one very important reason. My boyfriend is German and I am American so our relationship relies on travel, credit card/airline points and countless flights over the Atlantic. While I own a credit card that offers cash back and points, I never knew how to properly use it and your posts help me with that.

    This contest is one that is clearly special to me, as it would allow me to see my German family again. Thanks for all you do and the insight you provide on a subject that is a huge part of my life. I will continue reading your posts forever!

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    I’ll be honest I’ve not seen this site until today and it’s a shame because there’s a lot of useful info on it! We live in the UK and travel back and forth between here and New York a few times a year and any tricks and tips for flights and airports that I didn’t have already are always helpful.

    This article about the myths was good because I was under the impression that dressing well would help your chances for an upgrade.


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    Thanks…it’s been a vicarious blast!

    This post let people in on a secret tip that exists and most people don’t know about. It helps people save money

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    Not just because you called out cr*p service but because I have not a doubt that the article contributed to BA’s policy reversal on doing nothing vs. the minimum they could get away with (or at least saying they would… 2months later I am still regularly reading of customers who haven’t yet received compensation).

  100. I’ve started following this website religiously in the lead up to my move from Australia to the UK. I’ve become quite savvy in the ways I go about accumulating points, and am always up to hearing new methods. But, I found the following article on legroom particularly helpful when booking my flight from Brisbane to London …some thought is required when embarking on 24+ hours in the sky!


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    I’d say this was my favourite:
    I’d always thought ‘How am I ever supposed to collect miles if I’m only picking them up through buying flights in the first place!?’ It seemed like it would take me years and years to accrue a meaningful amount of miles. This showed me how I can be earning miles just from doing something I already do regularly anyway! MIND BLOWN. I really enjoy the articles like these which show you how to be more savvy with the purchases and lifestyle you already have.

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