A few weeks ago readers sent me a taped phone call with Delta, where upon calling, they were told that they had an estimated TWELVE HOUR hold time. What a joke. While I’ve never experienced anything near that level of incompetence, I find that I most always end up with a longer than necessary hold. Often, there is a way around that, which when it works, can be…Genius!

Most major airlines are international and as such require having call centers in various locations. While this is an imperfect science, if facing a long hold, I highly suggest dialing a non local call center. Many numbers are toll free or can be dialed on Skype for pennies and can save you hours upon hours of wait time, often delivering very professional service. Don’t come complaining to me with your phone bill, try to use Skype for free and if not consider your best other options. If I have the choice to spend 50 cents (2.3 cents per minute to Asia on Skype) to save myself an hour of the day and get something important done, I’m all over it. Money well spent. 

Given the nature of the world, if it’s peak time where you are, it’s likely off peak in a far away destination. As I mentioned, this is an imperfect science, you may not get the best English speaking person, you may get one that speaks better English than most reps in your own country or you may get someone with or without the tools to help. This is a well intentioned workaround for those that are time pressed and need to get things done. If you are attempting to call British Airways at 8PM London time when everyone else is, why not try them on their Hong Kong number where it’s currently eight hours ahead (4AM). Take advantage by using this contact info for Delta, British Airways, American Airlines, Emirates, Virgin AtlanticAir France (and the rest you can google yourself). 

Just a thought! As always: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com