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Without a doubt, one of the coolest experiences you can ever have at an airport is bypassing the terminal – and being privately transferred from plane to plane in a luxury car. $%&^ the terminal! Short of spending $35,000 a year with a single airline, there sadly aren’t many ways to make this happen. British Airways, in a non cost cutting measure ; ) is increasing your chances, expanding assistance for passengers with tight connections. Here’s everything you need to know…

a car with the door openPer highly paid (false) and well placed (true) sources at British Airways, we were able to confirm that British Airways is expanding the use of their Jaguar fleet, assisting passengers connecting to or from flights– that don’t require immigration clearance. This is a significant, passenger friendly move, putting British Airways amongst carriers like American, Emirates, Lufthansa, United and Delta shuttling premium passengers facing tight connections – privately between planes with ease. It’s the little things…

a room with a table and chairsWhereas most carriers offer these services exclusively to invite only fliers, the directive is now aimed at assisting business and first class passengers (and top frequent flyers too) with tight Heathrow connections. Apparently passengers will be notified on board their inbound flight if they will be met at the gate by a special services representative, who will whisk them on to the next plane- in total Jaguar style. It almost makes someone want to book a tight connection, doesn’t it?

people walking in a hallwayWill we see a noticeable difference in the amount of people receiving this magical service? Only time will tell. For those sweating a delayed connection- this is very welcomed news, at the very least. Throw in the imminent Club World improvements and Heathrow may truly become a much friendlier place.

HT: Michele @ TurningLeftForLess.

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  1. I thought this is the review of the said product. Not much difference from Air France and Lufthansa first class. Garuda even ‘assist’ you through immigration….

  2. Air France provides this kind of service for first class passengers and you don’t have to have a tight connection to avail of limousine transfer and smooth passage through immigration and security without any queues. British Airways first class on the other hand leaves you to board the aircraft like in a queue to get on a bus from Limerick to Dublin. I have no problems at all waiting in a queue to get on a bus when the ticket only costs 10 euros but when you pay to fly first class you don’t expect the crap service that British Airways delivered !

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