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We’ve all heard the term (and aspired to be) VIP. At Singapore Changi Airport, there is no such thing. There is however CIP, and you’ll soon realize that sometimes CIP>VIP.

Away from the traditional airport experience we’ve all come to know, sits a heavenly oasis for commercially important passengers, and if you’ve got some spare change, you can be a CIP too.

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“Sir, for your group we have the Egly Ouriet Grand Cru Brut, a selection of macaroons, fruits, a shower, a boardroom, cable television, water, coffee, tea and of course myself, your butler, shall you need anything at all. I’m sure your driver will be here soon”. 

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What just happened? Only moments ago we were on a commercial airplane from Doha and in the time since, we’ve cleared Singapore immigration, taken a seat in a private suite, enjoyed the delights of world class champagne, canapés and butler service, even a fresh shower.

After a few pinches and blinks, we were reminded that this is JetQuay’s “Jetside” CIP Arrival service, and for a cool $1000USD you too can experience the otherworldly. Let’s rewind.

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After disembarking from the aircraft door a sign bearing our names was clearly visible. Our personal escort was there to whisk us into a golf cart for the 100 yard ride we would embark on.

After saving at least a minute of walking, because really, a VIP can’t be expected to walk,  we were whisked below the terminal to an air conditioned-private car on the tarmac. Jet engines and wide body jets at eye level, this must be heaven.

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Though most passengers would be eager to reach the CIP Terminal, we relished the ground level views of the countless A380, 777, 787’s and A350’s abound at Singapore Changi.

After a few moments we reached the exclusive CIP Terminal to find an immigration queue, totally zero people. The CIP terminal offers immigration proceedings directly in their facility.

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After a 30 second wait at immigration (while the other two in our group cleared) we were personally escorted to “The Suite”. The CIP Terminal offers their private suite to “Jetside” passengers. Think ultra A list celebrities, sports stars, titans of industry.

After a tour of the facility from our personal butler, we indulged in the joys of champagne, breakfast and snacks, not to mention a shower to freshen up. Could you imagine not being showered and fresh for the waiting paparazzi? Fortunately none made it over the bushes for our arrival, due entirely to lack of effort or interest.

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All good things came to an end when our hotel car service arrived to shuffle us into the city. This was the first and only time in history when leaving the airport after an 8 hour flight felt truly unfortunate and against our collective will. As an important editorial note, no champagne was wasted during this experience.

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JetQuay Ltd operates Singapore Changi’s CIP “Commercial Important Person” Terminal. It’s so exclusive, that for our return journey, we literally had to convince a cab driver that it existed.

He repeatedly ensured us that there was no such terminal. If you’re now utterly curious to try it out for yourself, JetQuay offers two main levels of service for arriving, departing or transiting passengers: Jetside or Quayside.

If you’re looking for a seriously exclusive (private suite) experience, the pricier $1000USD per group “Jetside” is the way to go. If you’re looking for a fast track, private immigration proceedings and a nice place to freshen up before, after or in between flights, in an airport lounge like environment with food and drinks, the Quayside experience is also fantastic at roughly $300 per group. Let’s be real here, it’s all incredible.

The Verdict

If you can part ways with $1000 (for two) comfortably, this is an absolutely awe inspiring experience. It completely changed our day and was very memorable. The $300 Quayside service is also a good look, which may be more palatable for some. It’s all expensive, but for a special occasion, or some serious convenience, we totally back this…

We received a complimentary Jetside arrival and Quayside departure from JetQuay Ltd…

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