We’re currently cruising at 33,000 feet and life is pretty damn perfect. That’s what $35,000 in prepaid airline spending will get you these days. While ordinary travelers fight over arm rests, members of American Airlines invite only “Concierge Key” program, most notably personified on film by George Clooney in “Up In The Air” fight for VIP airport escorts, flat beds and Cadillac rides directly to the plane. Forget the terminal… and travel as you know it.

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That’s right, about $35,000 in prepaid airline spending will unlock the greatest of all airline keys, the “Concierge Key”. American Airlines officially offers Executive Platinum as the highest elite loyalty status attainable for the most frequent flyers, but for the real big spenders and superstar celebrities there’s a semi secretive level above and it’s epic.

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Concierge Key, the invite only program, is designed to cater individually to the airlines best “high value” customers. Think… being met curbside when you arrive, an escort to the front of the security line, a private space reserved in the airlines First Class only lounge, sometimes even a Cadillac ride from your connecting flight onto the next. Oh, and of course you’ll be first in line for any upgrades, not that you probably need them anyway. And yes, they will really know your name when you call…

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The key here is American Airlines “AirPass”, a program where frequent and corporate travelers can prepay their annual airline spending for a select type of ticket which offer greater flexibility and increased perks. If you’re wiling to drop $35k or more in advance, the airline awards you (shhh) with the status that money can’t (apparently can) buy. Now to find the 35k….

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