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Earlier this year, British Airways announced a $500 million investment in their “Club World” business class. On a special flight with the airline– back in April, we were able to experience firsthand many of the new touches, and today, we have further details on the upgraded experience, taking to the skies later this year.

a white label on a blanketOk, first-let’s acknowledge that this is not the “upgrade” we’ve all been long waiting for, but a significant upgrade nonetheless. Many British Airways critics have long awaited the announcement of a brand new “Club World” seat (with direct aisle access), but it appears we’ll wait a bit longer for an official announcement on that front, which we know will first feature on the forthcoming fleet of Airbus A350-1000’s, to be delivered in 2019.

a close up of a wallIn the meantime, British Airways is truly stepping up the “soft touch” game to compete in the highly sought after business market. We tested out the new catering menu in April, with upgrading stemware, silverware and trolley service- aimed at speeding up meal service on “sleeper” overnight flights: a crucial and noticeable improvement. Now, British Airways has announced a partnership with The White Company, a premier UK lifestyle brand, to offer top notch bedding, pillows, mattress covers, amenity kits and beyond to Club World passengers. This will all kick off on the New York-London route in the fall, accompanying investments to lounges, pre flight dining and check in experiences in British Airways flagship locations. Again, New York will be first.

a bed with pillows and a purse on itBeginning in the fall (sorry, the airline could not be more specific with us), customers will experience the new catering set up, as well as the improved bedding and now- breakfast cards. Much like their transatlantic London rival, British Airways will pass around breakfast cards- whereby customers can signal to the crew whether they’d like to be awoken before landing, when, and what they’d like to eat. It’s the little things, right? The brand new- The White Company- bedding including a mattress pad, extra large pillow, lumbar pillow, quilted duvet and “soft” blanket, all aimed to improve sleep-the main focus of business travelers. All positives. Travelers want seamless, and with any hope, this will represent a solid investment in an efficient and comfortable experience from curbside to cab. Now about that new seat ; /

a black leather pouch on a white surfaceFinally, clearly the answer to the question on the tip of everyones collecting tongue- The White Company will also launch a much upgraded amenity kit for British Airways, because what would the world of business class be without stylish amenity kits? The kit features “products from the retailer’s ‘Restore & Relax Spa Collection’, as well as a super-soft jersey eye-mask, offering a further touch of luxury in the sky”. No word on what defines “super” soft, but it sounds good. It’s certainly a more visually appealing kit than the current offering. Let’s hope this significant investment turns into a noticeably refined and upgraded business class experience. We’re excited to try it out.

What step does British Airways need to take to win the business class market?


No HT here, because British Airways Press Office emails me this stuff directly…

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  1. The new bedding and the cabin improvements look nice. Hopefully the soft product will be enhanced as well.

    I still try to avoid BA though due to the fees for redeeming miles.

  2. 8 across in business class will not see me on BA again

    Their new first class to KUL looks good but their ancient LHR-BKK (BA009/10) flights on 8 across business are dire, even on Amex 241.

  3. Presumably these are to hide the fact that they don’t bother to clean their cabins properly…

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