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One hit, and you’ll get addicted…

Airline marketing can get old really fast, but one marketing term really means business. Qatar Airways coined the phrase “first in business” when they launched their outrageously luxurious QSuites business class seats. The seats offer a privacy door, huge bed, massive entertainment screen and the refined service Qatar is known for, and now – for the first time, you can get a little taste of the good life for a mere 15,000 points. You just need to…

a tall tower in a city at nightGet To South America

Qatar Airways is bringing their incredible QSuites business class to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. Qatar offers a direct flight from Doha to Sao Paulo, which then connects onto Buenos Aires, and is bookable as its own flight. Basically, if you just need to get between Buenos Aires and Brazil, in either direction, you can book this flight…

a group of people sitting in a business classStarting In December

Starting December 1st, Qatar Airways Flights 773, 774 will feature QSuites. This means that you can use points to book more than 2 hours in this wildly luxurious suite. You’ll get champagne, food and the full functionality of your own private suite on a plane. There’s no way 2 hours will be enough, but sampling this seat is something everyone should get to do at least once! Once you’ve sampled, you’ll have to plot further opportunities via the QSuites route map

Use Your Points

Cash prices for these short flights are steep, with one way flights over $800 and round trips over $1200. But if you have Amex, Chase or Marriott Points – or British Airways Avios, you can book these flights for a mere 15,000 points and about $20. If you have a U.S. based Amex card, you’ll only need 11,000 points given the current 40% transfer bonus to British Airways. You can use these 15,000 points to book either direction, and round trip would be 30,000.

How To Book

Find availability for this Qatar Airways flight using the British Airways website. Once you’ve confirmed availability exists that you can use, you can either use your British Airways Avios online to book, or transfer points from Amex, Chase or Marriott over to get the job done. It’s really pretty easy. 15,000 points to experience this suite – is very, very sweet.

Are you going to book this cool route in QSuites?

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  1. Brilliant! You have so many killer posts, I have no idea where to start. I just keep reading them over and over. Keep rockin’ it!!

    1. Search again or try the other way around. I have easily pulled up dates, as have others. best of luck. You can always call into BA.

    2. Brazil doesn’t allow surcharges but Argentina does. You’ll want to book GRU-EZE to avoid steep taxes/fees. As you’ve already noticed, EZE-GRU will have steep taxes/fees.

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