a row of seats with monitors on the side
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Yesterday we were on hand in Toulouse for the unveiling of Qatar Airways brand new Airbus A350-1000, the newest, most state of the art plane in the world. From the modern economy cabin to the plush fully private QSuites of business class, there’s a whole lot for every passenger to love, thanks in part to innovative new technology in air pressure, noise and connectivity. Here’s what to look out for when the airplane debuts on February 24th from London Heathrow…

a row of seats with monitors on the sideEconomy

The first things economy passengers will note are color and space. Elevated, oversized overhead bins in the center of the airplane, offer a feeling of extra height and air. The cabin is also replete with “mood” lighting and can create over 1,000,000 unique colors.  But it’s all about the seats.

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As to the seats, there’s just no selling needed. These seats feature amongst the largest high def entertainment offerings, power ports, USB ports and excellent storage. The seats are offered in a 3x3x3 layout, which we believes makes the cabin feel less claustrophobic and eliminates the most dreaded of seats.

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Without a doubt, there’s one seat to shoot for in Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000. The first row of the economy cabin offers a row with just two seats, on the right side of the aircraft – if facing forward, and offers greatly increased legroom. As a great second choice, the second row in seat H would be ideal, with endless legroom. Snap it up!

QSuites Business Class

The extended version of this fantastic plane offers the perfect seating solution for any traveler. All suites are fully enclosed, with a door offering complete privacy. Window seats face both forwards and backwards as do middle seats. You’ll find next generation electronics, charging ports and screens.

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For couples, or perhaps a family of four, the last rows of QSuites offer an extremely private mini cabin in the center section. This section can be made into a double bed. Expect less noise and fantastic service if shooting for the rear of this business class cabin.

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The business class cabin is whisper quiet, and with full privacy doors the experience really does rival many first class offerings of other airlines. Don’t quote us, but we’ve been told by cabin crew that the “The sky is a wonderful place to be” pillows can be taken home as a memory!

What do you think of this new plane? Will you give Qatar a try? The new Airbus A350-1000 will debut February 24th from London Heathrow to Doha.

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  1. Flying London – Doha on the QR 016 next week and hoping that we do indeed get the A350-1000 and that it’s empty at the back….

  2. I have flown on QR 015 the A350 1000 between Doha and London Heathrow in economy.
    I confirm there is more space between seats but no apparent extra leg room. The seats are not particularly comfortable and less so than the earlier model I used for the first part of my journey. On both however they would have been immeasurably improved by the provision of foot rests. This aircraft is likely to be used for long haul routes and no footrest for such flights is a serious deficiency.
    Service was as usual excellent.

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