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Not everyone can roll in credit card points and convert them into airline miles.

Virgin Atlantic is back with my favorite promotion, which tees up a chance to acquire healthy points sums, at a fraction of the usual cost. It’s called “Points Booster”, and for a limited time, you can get an additional 40% boost when you boost points.

If you never want to hear the word “boost” again, stop reading, but if you’d like to figure out how to get more points at great prices for things you’ve already done, or soon will, then keep reading.

More Virgin Points, here we come.

Virgin Atlantic 40% Points Boost Offer

If you’ve taken a Virgin Atlantic flight recently, or have one coming up, you can boost your miles earned. This is usually a chance to pay a flat fee to double or triple the miles earned from a trip. Your choice.

But with this promotion, which happens to be my favorite, Virgin Atlantic is throwing in a 40% bonus when you do. It’s my favorite promotion because it was always one of the cheapest ways to buy Virgin Points, but with the 40% bonus, it’s definitively the lowest.

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One catch to note? Prices are different depending on whether you have a UK Virgin Atlantic Flying Club account, or a US Flying Club account. Prices will be as good as they get in both cases, but the UK typically gets better pricing.

Here’s the pricing for the points boosts, before the 40% bonus kicks in. Obviously the 40% boost takes the prices considerably lower.

Points purchased via Points Booster will be priced as follows:

British Pound Sterling: £0.010 per points
U.S. Dollars: $0.016 per point.

Virgin Red Adds Redemption Possibilities

With the emergence of the new Virgin Red loyalty program, these opportunities are more interesting than they once were. Virgin Atlantic now uses “Virgin Points” and so does Virgin Red. Points in one are the same in another.

Virgin Red gives access to concert suites, special dinners and even access to Richard Branson’s most exceptional “limited edition” hotels. In other words, buying points in this “Points Booster” promo isn’t just about flights, but potentially other things too.

Here’s a recent explainer on all that.

Of course, it’s never sad to turn a paid Premium Economy ticket into a points upgrade to Upper Class, or use points to fly on ANA, or any of the other magical things you can do with Virgin Points.

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How To Boost Virgin Atlantic “Virgin Points”

You can use “Points Booster” on past or future Virgin flights, even if you paid with points. This can be a fantastic way to recoup some points at exceptionally good rates.

You simply enter the reservation you’d like to boost, and whether you’d like to double or triple your boost, and then check out the price with the 40% bonus added. It’s pretty great.

If you want to boost a flight you’ve already taken, you’ll need to call. If you have not yet taken your flight, simply login to your booking and use the links below.

Here’s the UK Points Booster page, and the US Points Booster page. You can do this for all recently taken or upcoming fights, for as many reservations as you have! Again, this is almost always the very cheapest way to buy Virgin Points.

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  1. For long drawn out and justifiable reasons killing my Gold For Life chances just before my 9th year making me walk away from Virgin a few years ago and switching to BA, who to be honest I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with (which I know from reading forums certainly isn’t everyones experience). VS took a situation (for which they were 100% at fault and admitted as much) before giving a lesson in how not to resolve the situation and in the process screwing me over… sadly the gift basket they sent me wasn’t enough to keep me flying with them!

    Truth be told apart from the occasion I get to sit in 1A and have a nice cocktail in the Concorde room I know which airline I have the heart of hearts soft spot for!

    Maybe I should dive back in and give’em another chance and boost whilst I’m at it!

  2. I’d like to do this for a recent flight I had with VA but with their own web site warning of 3 hour waits to answer the phone I think I’ll give it a miss

      1. Yes, i called this evening and it was only 5 minutes ! The website said it would be 3 hours. The recorded telephone message said it would be 2 hours but it was only 5 minutes. They couldnt help – server was down so i have to ring again

      2. Always been a fan of Virgin. Better lounges etc. However this year barely any points availability to west coast and surprisingly even less for JFK. It’s become much like BA book a good year in advance if you want a reward flight in upper class combined with the continued miles devaluation. I have points I just can’t seem to find options to spend them (unless I pick Washington as a stop over).

  3. I have just rang virgin, trying to get points booster for flights taken in Feb 2022 and the agent said the IT system doesn’t want to do the 40% bonus for flights already taken. Can you confirm that this bonus applies to flights taken or upcoming flights only?

  4. After a couple of dire experiences with both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. I have given up collecting Virgin Points and joined the ABBA club.. Anything But British Airways. Have cancelled my BA AMEX card as the companion vouchers really don’t work the way they should do, and taken out the AMEX Nectar card ..which means I can focus my points on Avios and travel on Qatar etc .. in reality along with Brexit and Covid the two most stressful things in my life over the last three years have been BA and Virgin …Have spent hours and hours on hold to be told the system is down !! Still waiting for a refund from BA … not good for my health … Just booked two Q Suite tickets to Cape Town via Doha and I feel like a real person who matters !! which is not the case with BA … I really hope Virgin do get their act together as I like the product but putting that there is a three hour wait on hold on the front page of their web site is a disaster !! I am going to ignore Virgin for the rest of this year and see whether the situation improves…. My final flight with BA will be in September , ending a 25 year relationship with the worlds favourite airline ..and here’s hoping i will not actually have to take BA to court to get my money back !!! but not holding my breath on that one .

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