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Since Virgin Atlantic launched their mega sale, which runs until February 2nd, a variety of things have changed. First, lower prices – we’ve seen further reductions to the “wow” sale. Second, there’s a new 50% bonus on the miles you earn when you book, and also tier points you earn, which lead to perks, like Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse passes.

Finally, Virgin Atlantic is offering a special status match for all British Airways Executive Club Bronze, Silver or Gold customers, with clubhouse passes too! Here’s all the details on the big sale.

Virgin Atlantic is turning up the heat again, with some hot flight deals in every cabin from the UK, and also from the USA. Unlike previous sales, these take you all the way through 2021, and with vaccinations in place, some revenge travel – aka people safely getting back to it – is on the table.

From £255 round trip in economy to £500 premium and £1139 Upper Class, there are deals for all of 2021 to place sunny, places cold, and many places, bold!

This sale is good news not only for new bookings, but for anyone who booked in the Black Friday Sale, and we’ll explain why! And of course, it’s a great way to bag a bargain for next year as travel rebounds!

inside an airplane with purple lights

Virgin Atlantic Holiday Sale

Virgin Atlantic has a huge sale, which is appealing for a variety of reasons.

One, low prices. Two, wide dates well into the latter stages of 2021. Three, fares so low, that many people who booked in the Black Friday Sale and want to swap to later dates can now do so without incurring any fare difference. While there are decent fares from the USA, here’s the best offers from the UK.

Keep in mind, the sale link provides discount codes which knock the prices down on many of these fares further at Virgin Atlantic’s website.

From HeathrowUpperPremiumEconomy
New York JFK£,1222£500£259
Las Vegas£1,569£839£439
Los Angeles£1,569£619£309
San Francisco£1,569£619£309
St Vincent£1,349£719£359
Hong Kong£2,689£749£389
Tel Aviv£1,139£576£289
Cape Town£2,729£1,049£519
From Manchester
New York JFK£1,149£619£309
Los Angeles£1,349£729£309
From Glasgow
From Belfast

You can browse all these offers at

Where possible, aim for the Airbus A350, which offers the best experience in Upper Class, featuring the latest suites. Virgin Atlantic managed to serve meals and drinks with actual crockery and glassware, with all the usual stuff throughout the pandemic, unlike many airlines.

Currently, Virgin Atlantic has an excellent flexibility policy for new bookings.

a group of chairs and umbrellas on a beach
Virgin’s Departure Beach in Barbados

Availability Through 2021

Unlike the previous sale which had dates until June, or August at the latest, this sale has flights until the end of the schedule. The USA is expected to open within weeks, if not months, and as vaccines emerge on the scene, that trend will spread widely.

Top sunny destinations like Antigua, Barbados, South Africa and Nigeria are already open and welcoming visitors. Virgin also added St. Vincent & Grenadines recently, and is said to be launching another Caribbean destination this week.

Great For People Who Already Booked

One of the friendliest covid-19 related policies for travel changes definitely goes to Virgin Atlantic. Just about every airline has waived change fees, and makes their own policies sound really great, but they neglect to mention that you’re still on the hook for any and all fare difference.

Virgin went a step further, offering to cover up to £350 in fare difference for Upper Class, £120 in Premium and £50 in Economy. Many Upper Class fares to destinations like New York in the current sale are going for £1350, which means if you booked at £999 in the previous sale, you’d only need to pay £1 – or nothing – to change to later dates.

Travel Is Coming Back

Vaccines are already being distributed in the US, UK and into Europe, and with each age group vaccinated, risk factors drop. With any hope, the world will be a much more open and welcoming place by mid 2021.

Locking in a bargain is a fun way to keep the calendar from being bare, while giving yourself something to be excited about. Unless of course you’ve already cancelled 2,020 trips this year, and can’t take another heartbreak. The good news is, your travel letdowns may finally be drawing to a close.

Cheers to that, particularly with a glass of champagne on a plane.

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  1. I paid £995 for UC to Cape Town in the Black Friday sale, now it’s £2792.
    Not such a good deal now, and why the huge increase?

    1. I mean, £2792 is a below average fare for the route. That’s an indication of how insane the offer was at Black Friday, and why we hyped those offers so heavily. They come around once every year, few years, at best?

  2. Hi Gilbert , love the offers. I booked to Miami with Virgin for 8th May 2021 and it looks likely to not happen because of UK or US policy and my understanding having booked in the first sale in November/Dec 2020was the following
    Virgin went a step further, offering to cover up to £350 in fare difference for Upper Class, £120 in Premium and £50 in Economy. Many Upper Class fares to destinations like New York in the current sale are going for £1350, which means if you booked at £999 in the previous sale, you’d only need to pay £1 – or nothing – to change to later dates.

    I just called Virgin and they said the £350 etcc applies but NOT the £1 or free ? Nowhere in their commercial policy do they say that , the sales folks said ? I want to reschedule but having got Upper class to Miami for £999. I dont want to be penalized , any ideas ? Nigel

  3. Hi Gilbert
    I booked the BF deal First class to Maimi BUT I don’t think on the 8th May we will be able to fly from UK . If not I understood it was possible to fly another date Upper Class like we booked BUT no additional cost ? Is that your understanding ? Otherwise what was the point if they say its 3k each to fly in November 2021

      1. Thanks Gilbert. I booked the Black Friday deal you published on GSTP site in November or December 2020. My flights are for May 8th 2021 but you seemed to suggest only a £1 increase if we have to change it not £350 or whatever ?

        1. Ok Black Friday purchase I believe are eligible for no change fee, and £350 cover of fare difference. So if you bought for £999 and new fare is £1350, you’d be on the hook for £1 to change. If flights are high right now, worth waiting for next sale (soon).

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