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Obviously, airlines want bookings right now, but what’s in it for us, other than the chance at a future vacation when things cool down? Virgin Atlantic has a new answer, with not only a 50% boost on Virgin Points earnings, but a 50% boost on tier points, which add up to elite status perks – faster. Here’s when, where, and how to rack up your Virgin Points twice as fast.

50% Bonus On Virgin Points + Elite Status Tier Points

Virgin Atlantic is offering a 50% bonus when you book a flight both on redeemable points you earn and tier points which earn you perks. The offer applies to all flights booked between now and the 2nd of February, for Virgin Atlantic operated flights taken before the end of 2021.

To qualify, flights must be booked with Virgin Atlantic, rather than online travel agencies or other avenues. Don’t forget, Virgin Atlantic became the first airline to offer tier points on flights when you cash in miles, not just cash, and that applies here too.

The bonus will apply automatically, after travel.

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As far as earning Virgin Points, you can refer to this table here, and then multiple what you figure out as earnings and then multiply it by 1.5. Or, you can just chill and know you’ll earn more miles than you would’ve.

As to Tier Points, it’s a bit easier to quantify, and Virgin has a handy table showing exactly how many you’ll earn each way, based on which cabin and booking class you’re on/in. Simply double the bottom line figures for a round trip.

Ticket typeLight
(A, E, Q, X, N, O)
(L, U, M, Y, B, R)
Premium H, K, PPremium W, SUpper Class G, ZUpper Class J, C, D, I
Standard Tier Points earned2525505050100100200
50% bonus Tier Points
Total Tier Points earned during promotion3838757575150150300

Worth Booking Some Virgin Atlantic Flights?

Travel is a minefield right now as the world battles the worst of covid-19 in hopes of happier returns as vaccines rollout globally.

Any plans for the first half of 2021 are a question mark at best for most travelers, but strong optimism remains for the second half of 2021, which could be one of the most exciting windows to travel in recent history thanks to a return to safety via vaccine and great deals.

Virgin flies to Barbados and Antigua, which have seen an extremely successful return to safe travel in recent months, and optimism continues that the USA will reopen its travel borders once again, in the coming months. India and China remain a question mark as to wider reopening.

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A 50% bonus on points you can spend, and points which add up to perks (tier points) isn’t quite a reason to jump out of bed and make a new booking, but if you were on the fence already, it’s a great incentive to.

This is a fantastic way to move from Flying Club Red to Silver, Silver to Gold, etc. GSTP hears some forthcoming Silver elite perks may be extra worthwhile. Gold members get access to the Virgin Clubhouse on all bookings even, in economy. With this promotion, you’d need fewer than two round trips in semi flexible Upper Class to qualify…

You can book Virgin Atlantic flights here.

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