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Spain is open, and for most people it’s been far too long. Today, there are business class deals which might end that streak. Star Alliance, SkyTeam and Oneworld airlines have sub $2,000 flights to Europe with the joys of flat bed business class, going this year and well into 2022.

For the food, the sun, the culture or a breath of fresh air, it’s just really tough to beat Spain, and these prices make getting there in style, fun!


Business Class To Spain

These are only “cheap” in first world, one percent terms, but compared to standard pricing, these flights are bargain. Business class to Europe, particularly from the West Coast rarely enters sub $2500 territory, so sub $2,000 territory is worth noting.

As travel demand picks up, airlines from each alliance are offering incredible prices from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and more, and Spain is the target market du jour.

Whether it’s Barcelona or Madrid, there are handy flight offers for travel this summer, fall, winter and into spring of 2022. You can fly Swiss, Air France, Iberia, American and a variety of top carriers, all around $1700-$1800 from both coasts.

Delta one Suites Cabin

The Dates You Can Travel

Planning travel is a bit trickier than it once was just a couple years ago, but countries are on a big swing of opening up. Spain is already open to vaccinated Americans and getting in is rather easy.

These deals are available for departures between Monday and Thursday, from August 2021 all the way through March 2022. That’s a wide ranger, and means you could jet off from next month at fantastic rates.

How To Book These Deals

These deals can easily be found on Google Flights, and then booked directly with your choice of airline for the most seamless experience. Because life shouldn’t be any more frustrating or difficult than it already is, we’ve included some sample links. All you need to do is change the date to something that works for you, and take it from there, like…

Should you book now? That’s up to you. Airlines are battling it out right now with low fares, as evidenced by last weeks low prices to Dublin. Having said that, they seem to be shifting cities, so waiting could mean missing out on deals to these cities, as others come into focus.

Don’t forget that you can use points for cash back, to help offset these flights, or even book using Chase Ultimate Rewards and other points from the start.

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  1. Hard product on Delta one is great.But soft it is a tragedy. Plastic cups no menu horrible food compare to Austrian i flew 2 weeks later.Luckily i paid 800$ for Rt from Eu otherwise i would be pissed off.

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