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In January of 2021, amid grim numbers and few green shoots, GSTP predicted that Spain would reopen for international travel by summer. Now, with an official date set to roll out the welcome mat for vaccinated visitors from all over the globe, Spain is realizing that dream.

After declaring its intention weeks ago, and recent news from the EU of more concrete plans to welcome visitors, Spain is set to allow leisure travel and tourism once again, starting in early June.

If you’ve missed tapas, Verdejo, Rioja and relaxation on the beach, not to mention world class gastronomy, Spain is back on the list of travel possibilities.

Spain Opens To Vaccinated Travelers On June 7th

Spain set the tone, and now they’ve set an official date to reopen travel and tourism..

From June 7th, any vaccinated visitor from anywhere in the world is welcomed to Spain for tourism and travel once again. For visitors from select countries, things will open even sooner, from May 24th.

The sigh of relief was a long time coming, and in line with words delivered by Spanish Tourism Minister, Juan Molas, back in January, when the minister proclaimed…

There will be a recovery, yes, or yes, I have absolute confidence in it. First of all, we have to believe it ourselves, either because there will be a vaccine or because the tests at origin and destination will work,”

Juan Molas, Spanish Tourism
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Visitors who are not vaccinated, but are coming from a yet to be announced 10 country EU list of “safe countries”, based on covid-19 figures; will also be welcomed without the need for a negative PCR test from May 24th, ahead of the wider reopening.

The UK, Israel and a variety of Asia Pacific countries including Japan, Australia and New Zealand outside of the EU are said to be on the list. As of now, Spain is open!

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This means British travelers and those from these 10 ‘safe countries’ who haven’t been vaccinated are still entirely welcome to visit Spain this summer, as are all vaccinated travelers from all over the world, without testing.

Basically, if you’re vaccinated, entry will be as simple as showing proof. If you’re not fully vaccinated, you’ll either need a covid-19 RT-PCR test within 72 hours of departure, not be eligible, or can enter without testing, if you’re from a safe country. Read as: get vaccinated.

Good News Caveated With Tourism Slump

Despite the good news, frustration is rampant in Spain and other parts of Europe over slow rollout of vaccine passports, which will help to simplify and encourage safe travel. The initiative known as a “green pass” has been delayed, and the European Union does not expect rollout to be added for outside countries until July.

Here’s everything you need to know about the EU’s “green passports”.

Until that date, vaccination certificates from countries will be accepted. The EU recently clarified exactly what would be accepted, but travelers with clear proof of vaccination via a US CDC card, or other country certificate should not worry in the interim, so long as the document is genuine.

Now, the toughest question isn’t whether there’s anywhere worth going this summer, but where to? The battle between Madrid and Barcelona is never settled, and country escapes and smaller cities such as Valencia or San Sebastian can offer a different take on this incredible country. Vamos a España!

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  1. Hey, Gilbert just booked my 19-year-old son on his first solo trip JFK-BCN lands 10 am June 7.

  2. Hi Gilbert. Did they say anything about a “reciprocity rule”? I hold a Canadian passport. Ready to go this summer and book my flights!!! Any links to an official website with all the fine print?

  3. Spain are open from 7th of June and easyJet have just cancelled our flight from Belfast on the 17th of June to Alicante, really, easyJet deserve to go bust, makes no sense. And me and my wife are fully vaccinated.

  4. It doesn’t really help if you have to quarantine for 10 days when you return to the UK. All this opening, closing is a governmental mess.

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