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Swiss First Class is exquisite!
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Lufthansa and Swiss have launched a sweeping sale for travel out of Italy, which happens to be a particularly beneficial country for saving on flight deals. If you can find a travel buddy, there are round trips to India, Asia and the Middle East from under £700 to long haul destinations, and as low as £400 per person to places like Tel Aviv! If you can’t there’s still first and business class offers at extremely good prices, like £1800 first class to Shanghai, or £1000 business to Bangkok…

This sale is selling out fast, so here’s the deals you should work on locking in today…

a multicolored building with blue skyThe Lufthansa x Swiss Business Class Companion Sale

If you live in Italy, or feel like using miles or a cheap flight to get there, you can enjoy absolutely knock out pricing on business class to India, Asia and beyond. Particularly for further afield destinations like Hong Kong, or Bangkok, a bed is a huge upgrade to an economy seat, and there are dates in this sale where people will pay more for economy from Venice or Milan.

And while we’re talking about luxury, there’s first class too. This is opulence, caviar, and over the top service, but at prices most people would expect to pay for business class. If you’ve got the dough, and feel like celebrating, this is an amazing way to fly. You can sample Lufthansa or Swiss First, or ideally both!

As you may have guessed, you’ll need two passengers to book together to lock in many (but not all) of these super low prices. Here’s a review of Swiss A330 business class, and 777 business class.

swiss 777 business class throne seatBusiness Class Offers (Price Per Person)

  • £700 Dubai Business Class Round Trip
  • £820 Delhi Business Class Round Trip
  • £900 Mumbai Business Class Round Trip
  • £1040 Hong Kong Business Class Round Trip
  • £1040 Bangkok Business Class Round Trip

a bed with a white sheet and a tvFirst Class Offers (Price Per Person)

  • £1680 Dubai First Class Round Trip
  • £1914 Shanghai First Class Round Trip
  • £1914 Mumbai First Class Round Trip
  • £2175 Singapore First Class Round Trip

The Dates You Can Travel

Each city offers a different set of dates, but the Swiss site makes it incredibly easy to see when they’re available, by showing entire calendar months with special price dates highlighted in Gold. Expect dates in both 2019 and 2020, as long as you stay at least six nights downfield.

The first class dates are selling out super fast, so if that’s what you’re going for, you may want to make this a priority in your day today. If you’re looking for solo deals, Venice, Stockholm and Milan are each on the table, particularly for China and India.

swiss bizHow To Book These Offers

Swiss has a dedicated page for the business class offers as well as the first class offers. Skyscanner tends to have the same availability with a few bucks shaved off the prices, so we’ll highlight a few of those offers from Venice and Milan here, like…

Have a look around, find something awesome, go somewhere great in style and then come back and find your next great holiday deal. We’ll always be posting them!

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