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“Spain will be ready in June to tell all travellers worldwide that you can visit us”

That statement, from Spain’s tourism minister, Fernando Valdés, couldn’t be much clearer. The country plans to welcome international visitors from June, and some even earlier. That’s amazing news. What’s less clear however, is exactly what will be needed to enter.

Countries across Europe are in the final stages of readying for a summer of travel, but little (big) details, such as how to prove vaccination, a negative test, or recovery from covid-19 aren’t as immediately clear as many would hope. Fortunately, there are some answers.

Spain Opening For International Travel Visitors

Just as GSTP predicted in January, when lockdowns were in full swing and the notion was laughed off, Spain will open for travel this summer starting in June. In fact, trials will begin in May.

Based on statements from tourism ministers and other government figures, even many from outside of Europe will be welcome to visit Spain once again, including Brits, Americans, Canadians and those from most regions around the world.

This is welcomed news, after more than a year with most visitors locked out. A trip to Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona or San Sebastian feels long overdue.

a colorful tiled bench in a city

Who Can Visit Spain This Summer?

Rather than selective entry based purely on nationality, Spain appears poised to let science do the talking, by accepting either proof of vaccination, a negative covid-19 test in the days before travel, or proof of recovery, for entry.

Going on the words of those in the know, aka Spain’s tourism minister, all visitors with one of the above – a test, vaccination proof, or recovery – should be welcome by June.

Speaking at a travel conference in Mexico, Fernando Valdés, Spain’s Tourism Minister stated specifically ” We are going to give all these travelers that certainty. Spain is going to be ready in June to tell all travelers worldwide you can visit us”. The country will begin a pilot program in May, using all 46 airports across Spain to test protocols.

Will I Need To Download An App To Visit Spain?

Short answer: probably.

Currently, plans hinge on an EU solution for digital proof of vaccination, negative testing, or immunity from a previous infection. Spain hopes to have these ‘Green Passports’ ready in the coming weeks, so that it can more accurately verify the test results before travel.

Preliminary trials will begin in May, whether they’re approved by the wider EU community, or not. Greece is already open to international visitors with acceptance of negative testing or proof of vaccination.

Fraud and forgery remain huge problems for unlocking international travel. Sadly, people really are engaging in both in great numbers, putting others at risk, while also slowing any reopening efforts.

Access to vaccine and lower global testing costs should also play a key role in limiting this disruptive behavior. Digital proof of negative tests or vaccination status uploaded by labs or governments directly, will also make fraud more difficult.


What About Travel With Kids?

Spain currently exempts children under 6 from testing or vaccination needs, so young children will likely be able to enter without either. Testing ages are always subject to change, so it’s worth regularly checking the IATA Travel Map, or Google’s automatic travel restriction updates.

Most countries are not offering vaccination to children under the age of 16, so a negative covid-19 test for children 6 and up, in place of vaccination, would be the most likely solution to entering the country. Be sure to note specifics of what covid-19 tests are accepted, and how recently before travel they must be taken.

Spain: Planning For Travel

By all indications, Spain will welcome visitors from around the globe this summer, starting in June. Currently, there are incredible flight deals from US gateways and plenty of offers from places elsewhere.

Vaccination appears to be the easiest way to gain entry this summer, unless you like having swabs up your nose and the back of your throat. The good news is, whichever way you plan to be eligible, it should all be worth it when you wash it down with a glass of verdejo or rioja in this glorious summer travel destination.

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  1. We have a flight booked on the 18 pf may as we have a second home in Spain we both have had 2nd covid vaccines will Spain let us in

  2. Just think about the tan lines if Spain does not change the law requiring masks at the beach!

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