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Start spreading the news- most of the great opportunities using points are not here to stay. The world of credit card, airline and hotel points is best enjoyed by setting goals, doing research and then earning and burning. Earn fast, burn wisely and have the best travel experiences possible. Here are a few of the coolest ways to use points, some of which are expiring shortly…

Invalid request error occurred.40,000 Points For 12 Hours Of Thai Airways First Class

Where? Southeast Asia- Australia (or vice versa).

Which Points? United or Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Expiration: October 31st 2017 (United Devaluation).

How: Full explanation here.

a bed with a tray of rose petals80,000-125,000 Points For Emirates First Class Round Trip

Where? Worldwide, based on distance. 125,000 for around the world.

Which Points? SPG or Japan Airlines Mileage Bank.

Expiration: No date set. Safe for now…

How: Full explanation here.

a row of seats with monitors on the back18,000 Points For Delta One Transcontinental Business Class

Where? East Coast USA to West Coast USA or vice versa.

Which Points? Amex or Virgin Atlantic.

Expiration: November 30th when transfer bonus expires at very latest. Book NOW.

How: Full explanation here.

a glass of wine on a table in a plane40,000-50,000 Points For 8+ Hours Of Lufthansa First Class

Where? Between U.S. and continental Europe in either direction.

Which Points? SPG or Asiana Club.

Expiration: No date set. Safe for now…

How: Full explanation here.

a seat in an airplane

30,000 Points For 12+ Hours Of Singapore Business Class

Where? Southeast Asia (large area) to Australia or vice versa.

Which Points? United or Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Expiration: October 31 2017.

How: Full explanation here.

a suit in a closet

93,000 Points ANA First U.S. Or Europe To Japan Round Trip

Where? U.S. + European cities served by ANA to Tokyo, Japan or vice versa.

Which Points? Amex, Chase, Citi or Virgin Atlantic. 93,000 only via Amex.

Expiration: November 30th, when Amex transfer bonus expires.

How: Full explanation here.

a seat in an airplane53,000 Points For 22 Hours Of Czech Business Round Trip

Where? Prague to Seoul. No other city pairs will work.

Which Points? Amex, Citi  Etihad or SPG points.

Expiration: No set date, but Etihad has been devaluing points.

How: Full explanation here.

Are you planning to take advantage of any of these opportunities?

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  1. Giant chip is confirmed. It’s people like you that fuel it. I don’t write for you and never will, and frankly wish you’d stop bothering. I write for the non douchebags of the world who can actually benefit from simple, actionable advice to improve their travels. I’ll leave the acronyms to you.

    Again, you know my short- personal name my friends call me, that I have a roman numeral after my name and what kind of collars I wear. I don’t know your name or email address. That’s the mic drop in this relationship. I trust you have my email…

  2. Great info, but I have only qatar miles.
    How can I use them? Were can I find such oportunities with qatar miles? Or is it beter to change or tranfer my miles to………..????

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