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It’s completely logical: we all want the best flying experiences for the least amount of points and cash. We want to go as far as we can, enjoying the full experience to the max and we want to explore the very best destinations. For a limited time, just 30,000 points is all you need to live it up in Singapore Airlines award winning business class.

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United Mileage Plus Charges Just 30,000 From Southeast Asia To Australia On Singapore, Thai and Other Star Alliance Airlines

Yes- that’s an awesome deal. Why? Because Southeast Asia is massive, and Australia is very far. What counts as Southeast Asia you may have wondered? Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur… it’s endless. If you go the Singapore Airlines route, starting from anywhere but Singapore you’ll have a connection on the way to Australia, giving an extra 3-4+ hours of business class on another flight, plus the joys of Singapore’s lounge at its home base, in transit.

a white airplane in the skyHere’s An Amazing Routing On The State Of The Art A350

Singapore Airlines is flying their brand new A350, arguably the best plane for passenger experience from Hong Kong to Singapore, and then onward to Brisbane or Melbourne, Australia. These combined flights clock in at over 11 hours in the air, not counting the time spent in Singapore. We highly recommend using a 23:59 connection in Singapore to explore the city. Hint, we have a great guide.

a seat in a planeBooking This Dreamy Itinerary Through Asia And Australia

As Tiffany at One Mile At A Time noted yesterday, United is once again able to book Singapore Airlines tickets. On these routes you have the choice to book with Thai or Singapore, but it’s tough to beat Singapore business class, and their book the cook experience! Simply head to United.com and enter your dates. You can route from any Southeast Asian city to Australia, but only certain routes will offer the A350. Seats are currently WIDE OPEN in business.

a city skyline with a body of waterIf You Don’t Already Have 30,000 United Points

You’re not completely out of luck. You can instantly transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to United MileagePlus. United also currently has a solid sale on points, where you could buy the points needed for $906 all in, IF you had zero points today. If you need less points, it would be much less. This brilliant use of points will jump to 50,000 points at the end of October 31st, so if you want in- you MUST book before then. You can travel anytime into late next year, the only requirement is booking before the 31st of October this year. In theory, you could get the United Explorer Credit Card (US Only) but there’s no guarantee you’d be able to spend and get your points posted in time.

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  1. I just hopped on this deal yesterday, as united is making changes to the award chart starting NOV 1st.

    syd-bkk-usm, usm-bkk-hkg, kul-bkk-syd. with syd-bkk, bkk-hkg, bkk-syd legs all in Thai FIRST class with 3 stops in bkk for those hour long first class massages;) ,
    for 80k united miles+$13x.xx in taxes total. heck of a steal considering thai airways website prices this at $9525.72 USD.
    all in all coming out to approximately 11.8 cpp.


    1. Did this for my self only for 2 weeks. Lets hope the GF doesnt trip out that Im leaving her for 2 weeks not even inviting her to go to koh samui, kuala lumpur, and sydney. XD

      looks like the perfect time to buy a casper dog bed for my doberman so i can use it when i get back. LMAO

  2. Let’s blog it out so it ends. You guys realize everything you share comes to an end within literally 90 days. You can blog without giving out every loophole

    1. I swear to you, I’m not aware of a single thing that has ended at all that we’ve blogged about. Not the SPG>Asiana>Lufthansa, SPG>JAL>Emirates. Sure, the Etihad Brussels airline thing died, but much bigger blogs were all over that one. We’re just helping people make use of their points as best we can. It’s not like this information is hidden in a vault. It’s on one of the most trafficked websites in the world. Just my two cents.

    2. well i mean…. united has already set a date for the devalue NOV 1st half a year ago. So it doesnt really matter anymore.

  3. Terrible post. First of all, SQ long haul awards for partners are nonexistent. So, while it is possible in theory, I challenge you to find just one day where SIN-SYD or any other place in Australia that has long haul award. 2nd of all, you failed to mention that United’s award chart changes in about a month, and the award chart goes up.

    1. I cannot tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to replying to THIS COMMENT. I was just enjoying dinner and wine with friends and during dessert saw this odyssey of nonsense you’ve graced us with.

      Let’s go point by point.

      1) Long haul awards are non existent in SOME markets. This is not one of them. They’re practically available every day. Especially next year.
      2)And I failed to mention that United’s chart is changing?! HAHAHAH! I mentioned it in TWO separate paragraphs, one in bold.

      Thank you for making my day, though I am sure it was not your intention when posting. Better luck (and respect) next time please.

      1. You are completely right and I’m the idiot for not reading carefully and verifying your points before jumping to conclusions. And I apologize. I do see the SQ awards, however I only see them on the 777 and a330 with the old business seats and do not see any on the A350 as you suggest.

        1. Alex, apologies on my end too. I appreciate your response. I get lots of trolling on these comments so switch to power mode, but you seem like a solid guy. No harm intended. I was seeing A350 avail on the Brisbane route for next year, but it was more sporadic than 777,330. Hope you find something good.

  4. Just be aware that their A350 J seats can be very uncomfortable if you’re 6′ or taller, and the oddly designed, very narrow foot cubbyhole forces a very awkward sleeping position even for my shorter frame. Some taller folks find it acceptable but the reviews are quite mixed, see for example this FT thread:


    It may still be a good ride for some, or a good deal even with these design flaws, but just to be considered in comparison to their other aircraft.

  5. If you are a taller person, then opt for a bulkhead J seat. There you do not have the narrow cubbyhole.

  6. Hi Gib! Great find!! I thought you were mistaken about the SQ business class to Australia using United. It was too good to be true! Thanks to you, my horizon is getting wider now!

    Question! If i redeem United, let say, Denpasar to Sydney in Business Class for 30,000 miles, and i make a date change AFTER the dreaded devaluation date (Nov 1), i would have to pay $75 for the change, but what about the miles, do I have to add another 20,000 miles to compensate the devaluation or simply pay the $75 would suffice?

    I’m thinking of making a speculative redemption and would later change the flight date (perhaps around late 2018, the flight date is not yet available to be redeemed).

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