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Prague is one of the best destination cities on the planet. It’s at the heart of everything “European”, offering flair from both East and West. If you’re headed East, like… Far East, it’s also the ideal place to start your trip. Why? Because There’s a pretty incredible opportunity to use your credit card points or airlines miles, just 52,000 points for 22 hours of blissful business class to Seoul, South Korea. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything you need to know…

I’m Intrigued, Walk Me Through This Beautiful Opportunity to Use My Points…

We thought you might be! Czech Airlines operates a direct flight from it’s capital city of Prague to Seoul, South Korea. The flight is actually operated by a leased Korean Airlines plane, offering Korean Airlines flat bed business class seats. Now here’s the clever part: Czech Airlines partners with Etihad Airways “Etihad Guest” loyalty program. If you book these Czech Airlines flights through Etihad, whose points you can instantly create with your American Express or Citi cards, by flying, or by purchasing points at a discount, you can fly round trip for a mere 52,000 points. Or one way for just half!

So The Key Here Is Etihad Guest Points, Which You Can Create Instantly Via Credit Card, Points Purchase Or Flying…

Etihad Guest points can be instantly created using American Express Membership Rewards Points, Citi Thank You Points, by flying with Etihad and their partners or finally, by purchasing Etihad Guest points, directly from the airline. Basically, there are a ton of ways to accrue the points you need, many of which can happen instantly! If you want to buy points, Etihad often has lucrative sales, which you can check out here. For reference: a one way, purchasing all the points would still be less than $1000 all in. The almost free and easy way here is definitely going to be your credit card points. See, we weren’t kidding when we said transferrable credit card points are the best!

Ok, Totally Sold: How Do We Go About Booking This?!

Smart. 52,000 points for 22 hours of blissful flying is an absolute bargain these days. It’s so good, you could even call it a hack! Who would ever think to transfer credit card points, to an Abu Dhabi based airline, to fly on a Czech airline to South Korea. First you need to find availability. You can try calling Etihad Guest and seeing if a nice agent will help, or if you want to be proactive, you can use the KLM website to search. You’ll need to create a free FlyingBlue account to do so, which is a good idea anyway. Look for availability on Czech Airlines flights 190/191.If you’re willing to pay a nominal fee, you can alternately have travel Guru Matthew Klint do the searching for you. Flexibility is key. You’ll end up paying around $200 in taxes one way, or $400 round trip. Just call Etihad Guest to complete your booking once you’ve got dates, or want to spin the wheel and see if they will help find dates!

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