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If you like points, or more specifically Avios, today is a very good day for you. Qatar Airways, one of the world’s best flying experiences has adopted Avios as the currency of its Privilege Club Loyalty Program.

News of the new program came out circa a month ago, but things are now live.

It means people who earn Avios from airlines including British Airways and Iberia have exciting new access to seats in all cabins, and all sorts of other goodies too. With the move, Avios becomes even more of a powerhouse loyalty currency than it was before.

Naturally, you’ve got questions and today, as the partnership officially goes live, we’ve got lots of answers to those questions! Here’s what Qatar Airways joining Avios means for you… and your precious points.

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Qatar Airways Privilege Club Joins Avios

You probably know Avios as the loyalty currency of British Airways and Iberia, among others. It’s also a great way to transfer Amex, Chase or Capital One Points.

You can use Avios for flights on a variety of Oneworld airlines, for upgrades and even groceries too. It’s been a dominant force on both sides of the pond, but now it’s also heading East. Specifically, to Doha.

Qatar Airways has switched to Avios for its loyalty currency, and as of today the major partnership is now live. This means if you fly Qatar Airways and join the Privilege Club, you’ll earn Avios for the flights you take.

In a major shakeup, these Avios points can now be transferred 1:1 into British Airways, or vice versa from the British Airways Executive Club into Qatar Airways Privilege Club.

To make the “how many points do I need?” question much simpler, the airlines have aligned their points and fee rates more closely, so that there’s no need to constantly move back and forth to enjoy great points rates on flights.

That’s all wonderful, but the finer details are even better.

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Qatar Airways Is Guaranteeing Seats Using Avios

A few years back, British Airways made a tremendously positive change for members by guaranteeing a certain number of seats using Avios would be available in each cabin except for first class.

This means Avios collectors are able to have a fair shot at any given flight and booking in advance, when you know your dates has real benefit. Before this customer friendly shift, there was no responsibility from the airline to make “points seats” available using Avios.

In a matching move, Qatar Airways will now also guarantee a minimum number of seats on each Qatar Airways flight, in every cabin except first will become available. Basically, you’ll have more chance to snag multiple seats on flights than ever.

Outstanding Rates For Avios On Qatar Airways

As a result of this shake up, British Airways Executive Club members instantly benefit from lower points rates on Qatar Airways flights. Business class between the USA and Doha is now 70,000 points one way, which is phenomenal value.

This alignment is a major win for people headed to destinations less served by British Airways or Iberia, where Qatar has excellent reach. With guaranteed seats on all flights, there’s simply a lot to love.

Fees and surcharges, a common gripe with points these days, are also lower than ever which makes the sting of cashing in a lot less painful.

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Move Points Seamlessly Between Qatar and British Airways

When you join the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, you’re now able to seamlessly link your British Airways Executive Club membership. There’s ample reason to become a member of both.

Once the accounts are linked, points can travel back and forth between Qatar and British Airways Avios, as you wish. Who knows what future tie-ups the two programs may offer? Linking accounts should take seconds and points transfers, the same.

10,000 Avios For Trying Cash And Points

Qatar Airways is excited about this monumental new partnership with Avios and they seem to really want people to book a flight with cash + Avios. Hint: there’s a bonus.

For bookings made by the 31st of March, Qatar will award 10,000 bonus Avios for first and business class trips, or 5,000 for economy class flights. You can read the full details and how to easily access this offer, here. You’ll just need to use promo code QRAVIOS.

More avios, no problem!

Exciting Times For Avios And Credit Card Points

If you weren’t already aware, you can easily move credit card points from Chase, Amex, and Capital One into Avios by using the British Airways Executive Club transfer partner option. It’s often a clever move.

These points can now then flow onward, seamlessly to Qatar Airways, or be used for Qatar Airways flights via the British Airways Executive Club you transferred your credit card points into. One is the other, and the other the same. Cool?

This is huge news for people hoping to use Doha as a connecting point for trips further afield, or to explore Qatar and the Middle East in general. Short flights to Oman are a delight, too.

“In recognising the power of Avios, Qatar Airways is now able to offer greater flexibility and richer rewards for its members. The arrival of guaranteed award seats on its network and the ability for members to combine their Avios balances are two great examples of just this.

Qatar Airways are looking to redefine loyalty for the Privilege Club’s global member base, we – at IAG Loyalty – look forward to working with them on this significant journey”.Adam Daniels, CEO of IAG Loyalty

Qatar And Avios Are Live

The news was big when it was announced, but there was the waiting, which Tom Petty once said is the hardest part. But now, the programs are linked, transfers are live and the British Airways Executive Club already turns up the lower priced search results for Qatar Airways flights using Avios.

With bonus Avios on the table for booking and flying with Qatar, it’s a good day for Avios fans and travel in general. Time to run some vacation searches!

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  1. While there are certainly positive aspects of Qatar Airways’ adoption of Avios, the reality is that fuel surcharges have now increased dramatically for several routes between DOH and Europe when booking via Qatar.
    As an example, a few weeks ago I booked ZRH-DOH-SLL using Qmiles for 43k miles + 65 CHF in taxes/fees. Now the same route is 43k miles + 199 CHF in taxes/fees. (If booking via BA, it prices higher due to separate segments and the taxes/fees are even higher).
    Anyone who flies frequently between DOH and Europe and has a healthy balance of Qmiles or could transfer from Citi TY points have now experienced a significant devaluation via higher taxes/fees.

  2. It is actually a bad news for AA points users. Probably less award availability. QR is phenomenal values. Business class Q suites is way better than BA or LH first class.

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