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Update: The Qatar Airways Privilege Club and Avios link up is now official and live. You can link your British Airways account and transfer points back and forth. Read up on the latest information here.

Adios, Qmiles and hello Avios.

If you follow airline loyalty or the emergence of points currencies, today is a big day. Qatar Airways is switching over to Avios for its loyalty points currency and the change is happening soon.

Qatar Airways will join Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling as Avios earning airlines, and it could be the start of fascinating times, as airlines harness their loyalty programs to emerge from the last few years.

There’s definitely questions and we’ve got some answers, so here’s what we know so far!

a group of people sitting in a chair in a plane

Qatar Airways Adopting Avios Currency

Points are a form of currency, just like cash. They unlock great things and you can spend them in more ways than ever from unlocking sporting events to stunning hotel nights and of course, luxury flights and flight discounts too.

In as big a’ news as “points news” gets, Starting in March 2022, Qatar Airways swapped over to Avios as the currency for all things points with the airline.

“The transition from Qmiles to Avios marks a ground-breaking new era for Privilege Club, enabling our loyal members to participate in the most compelling loyalty network and the largest portfolio of partners in the industry.”

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker

The current Qmiles currency earned when people participate across banking, travel, retail, flying, dining and other daily activities with Qatar Airways and its partners will swap into Avios at a 1:1 ratio.

All Qatar Privilege Club balances currently held will remain the same, perhaps just better, thanks to the increased reach and partnerships Avios brings. Basically, 100K Privilege Club Qmiles today will soon be 100,000 Avios.

IAG Loyalty, which owns and manages the Avios currency has more than 200 leading global brand partners, from Amex to Avis and Marriott and has long been the backing of the British Airways Executive Club, AerLingus, Iberia and Vueling.

“Qatar Airways have recognised the power of Avios. By adopting Avios they will be able to offer their customers a wider range of benefits and support their business development ambitions.

It’s an exciting step for IAG Loyalty as we extend our leadership in loyalty, increase Avios’ global reach, and build out our partnership strategy even further.”Adam Daniels, CEO of IAG Loyalty

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What We Know So Far

Now that the partnership is live, we know that Qatar Airways Privilege Club is swapping into Avios to fuel its travel rewards and we know how it’ll work.

It’s a major change in the loyalty space and could signal that other airlines are looking to strengthen their loyalty currencies.Down the line, anything is possible.

The widely expected currency exchange between frequent flyer programs or partners — like the current two way street between Iberia Avios and British Airways Avios — has been confirmed

For now, this is a big change which has exciting implications all over the place. Only time will tell how they shake out! Avios and Qatar Airways is officially a thing.

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  1. I’ve had major problems transferring from Iberia to BA. They won’t transfer to a BA household acct which I have. I’m taking it up with accounts for Avios soon.

    1. I’ve had this issue myself. What you have to do is unbundle your household account, transfer your points and then re-bundle. It is a hassle. But there is a workaround..

  2. Gilbert, do you think this could lead to shard flight (i.e. London to Doha on BA and then Doha to somewhere on Qatar being a viable Avios Ticket with or without a Companion Ticket?

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