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Scoring a seat in one of Qatar Airways business class QSuites is a bit like winning the lottery at the moment. Only a few planes feature the (truly) mind blowing design and knowing when and where to find them is not a perfect science. So, wouldn’t it be nice if every Qatar Airways plan featured the idyllic setup? We’ve got the full scoop on when and how that will happen!

a large airplane on a runway2018 Belongs To The Boeing 777

Qatar Airways has pledged to refurbish every single Boeing 777 in the fleet with QSuites within 18 months. That’s a bold claim, but don’t be at all surprised if you find a QSuite on your seat map as the year progresses. Expect more than 2/3 of the 777 fleet to be completed in 2018. Currently, the 777 feature very comfortable, but antiquated seats.


Qatar Airways will begin receiving deliveries of their brand new A350-1000 aircraft this year. The aircraft are being delivered with the new Qatar QSuite. It’s rumored the first route will be London Heathrow, on flights 15 and 16 respectively, when the aircraft arrives this month. No specific word on refurbishment for the A350-900. Though it doesn’t need much work to begin with!

Boeing 787 & A380

Believe it or not – the A380 is actually a bit narrow upstairs. And the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is just a bit narrow. Well, in comparison to wide body counterparts. Both aircraft will be modified with seats similar to the QSuites. Think: QSuite lite. There will likely be a privacy door and similar set up, but some features or modifications may not be available.

a room with desks and computer screensState Of The Art 777X

Boeing has made great spectacle of the 777X. And honestly, it does look very cool. The airline will feature QSuites on it’s deliveries from 2020 onward. But Qatar’s CEO was quick to point out to that future QSuites will be lighter in weight thanks to new materials, allowing the company to reduce flying costs.

New Routes Too

Qatar has also announced plans for new routes including Wales, Pattaya, Penang, Greece and beyond. Akbar Al Baker, the Qatar Airways CEO is adamant about creating point to point travel solutions, avoiding major hubs and congestion, wherever possible.

Will you use points or book a ticket on Qatar Airways new QSuite?

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