Do you remember that first “wow” feeling when you experienced the iPhone for the very first time? A computer in your hand? We’re entering an era in air travel where there truly is a “wow” factor, beyond just some pretty lights and new seat cushions. The way we travel, down to the air we breath is changing in ways never experienced before. The 777X is one giant step into that “wow” era…

According to Boeing, the 777X is the largest and most fuel efficient twin engine jet in the world. They aren’t kidding either. The wingspan on the new aircraft is so vast, the wingtips literally must fold up for taxi. Once off the ground, presumably with the wing tips folded back down, the plane begins to reach new heights. The 777X features a range of 8,700 miles, easily enough to break the current worlds longest flight record, while improving fuel efficiency with numbers beating the 787 and A350 by up to 20%. Saving the world while saving layovers, they really do love us after all. But seriously, this is big stuff.

The 777x promises the largest windows in the sky, more earth like cabin pressure, you know, better for our noses and taste buds, more overall personal space; and finally, enhanced mood lighting, for our… moods(?). You’ll find a top to bottom passenger experience improvement, increasing basic seat dimensions to a remarkable 18” in economy. For anyone getting the tape measure out, that’s good enough to instantly put them amongst the top economy offerings found on the largest aircraft of today. 

Since the world is nothing without entertainment and we must find amusing ways to pass time in a carbon fiber tube, the new plane promised to deliver a blockbuster experience. Of course, there are few things more entertaining in life than flying first class…

For the lucky few up front, you’ll find a more personalized, customizable experience, not just for you, but perhaps for two. The cabin renderings show the possibility to turn your extra large individual video monitors into dinner and a movie at 36,000 feet, bringing two passengers together, by merging content onto one super screen. Despite all the technological advances, you may of course want to keep something analog, perhaps sticking two individual glasses of champagne. Sharing just isn’t the same.

The best part? This is real, it’s ready, it’s not a concept. As you might have guessed orders are beginning to fall in, and they are all from the usual suspects Emirates, Cathay, Etihad, Qatar, Lufthansa and Al Nippon. With production set to begin in 2017 it could be an exciting decade in air travel, wherever you’re sitting…

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