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It was only a few years ago when “travel experts” recommended passing on black Friday travel deals, instead holding out for other opportunities. Let’s be clear: that is now terrible advice. Black Friday travel deals are now so ultra competitive, companies start plotting their “wow” offer months before it even begins, even going as far as to load in $1.99 plane tickets just to see if anyone finds them. You probably want in, so take this moment to have a pep talk with your wallet and get the cash flow ready to book on the big day.

a glass of wine next to a windowWhen Is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday 2019 will take place on November 29th, which coincidentally is a Friday. Black Friday travel deals are known to drop in the days, and even weeks beforehand because airlines, hotels and other travel companies know that you have limited funds to spend, and the first great offer tends to win – big time.

We will keep a running page of all the best deals, with constant updates whenever something new pops up, so go ahead and bookmark this page. It’s on 2018 deals right now, but next week it will get a lovely face lift as some offers we’ve been sent early warning of make their way through.

st regis maldivesA Walk Through Black Friday 2018 Offers

50% off hotels on Priceline happened, US to Tokyo for under $500 on five star airlines was a thing, Europe to Australia in business class for €1300 was also a thing and so was 50% off hotel suites with top chains, spend $250 get $150 food and beverage credit and all sorts of crazy offers from travel brands all throughout the space.

While some offers dropped on the Thursday (28th) or Friday (29th), many began to pop up as early as November 16th, which is only around 10 days away. Basically, consider this as fair warning that we’re able to go all in on covering all the best Black Friday Travel Deals and you’ll want to have some wallet share left to take advantage. That new kitchen can wait ; )

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  1. Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, so Black Friday is always on a Friday. Why is it a coincidence this year?

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