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Old favourites and new possibilities…

Unlike tabloid celebrity gossip, everything you’ve ever read about Qatar Airways business class is true. It really is the best, the food is genuinely tasty and the seats make you feel like a king. If you’re lucky enough to get Qsuites, that all becomes double the good vibes. Qatar has brought back some enticing recent fan favourite deals while also adding a few new options. Here’s a few you may want to check out…

Update: Qatar has dropped these sale prices even lower if you search for two passengers. Figure on taking £100/$125 off each fare listed below if you are booking for two!

Petronas Towers with tall buildings and trees£1115 ($1445) Belgrade to Kuala Lumpur

Belgrade is an exciting Serbian city making its way onto many tourists maps as Eastern Europe offers increasingly good value versus its overcrowded Western counterparts. Qatar just (like 20 minutes ago) launched a new fare to Kuala Lumpur for $1445 (£1115) round trip.

While the short flight from Belgrade to Doha will be on an A320 with or without flat beds (depending on the dates), many onward flights offer the Airbus A350 with award winning Qsuites. Here’s a review of Qsuites. Simply plug your proposed dates into Expert Flyer’s seat map to see if you get a map that looks like this below. If you do, it’s Qsuites, if not, you’ll get the classic Qatar A350 experience, which is outstanding in its own right.

Dates: These deals are valid from September 8th, 2019 thru April of 2020 with limited black outs around winter holidays. To get the lowest price you’ll need to stay at least four nights in Asia before returning from Kuala Lumpur.

Booking: Search from BEG to KUL on Qatar Airways here.

Shanghai Skyline£1162 ($1500) Zagreb To Shanghai

Zagreb is another city which makes flying from a place you’re not actually based totally worthwhile. An absolute jewel of Croatia, it’s also a jewel for flight deals right now. In fact, no matter where you are, it’s probably worth going a couple days early to explore.

Qatar flies an Airbus A320 with fully flat seats for the flight from Zagreb to Doha, and almost every Qatar flight to Shanghai, China now features Qsuites on the Boeing 777-300ER. With about 9-10 hours in the air, it’s a great flight to experience a fully closed door in business class.

a screenshot of a computerDates: These deals are available from late July 2019 through 2020, with blackouts in late September, early October and most of December. To get the lowest prices, you’ll need to stay at least one night in Asia. If you’re going all that way, why not stay a few?

Booking: Search from ZAG to PVG on Qatar Airways here.

a group of trees with lights at night£1225 ($1587) Stockholm to Singapore

If I could only book one, this would probably be the one. Stockholm is such a great city to visit with inspired cuisine, fantastic museums and quintessential winter markets. It’s also a city where Qatar flies a healthy mix of Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 aircraft, some of which the latter come equipped with Qsuites.

On the other end, Singapore is a destination which receives Qsuites on almost all flights, even on the newest Qatar Airbus A350-1000 planes. Pretty neat. Singapore is a blast on its own, and also the ideal stopover city en route to other Southeast Asian gems. These deals get you amazing flights for an even better price.

Dates: This deal is wide open in May and June, scattered in July and August, wide open in the first half of September, sprinkled between the 7-16th of October, all of November, beginning of December, after January 10th and wide open through March. Got all that? You’ll need to stay at least three nights to lock in the best prices.

Booking: Search from ARN to SIN on Qatar Airways here.

a stairway leading up to a city£1560 Edinburgh to Penang

Ok, the price may be double what it briefly once was last year, but for a UK departure, this is a great price. Penang is fast becoming the foodie capitol of Malaysia and with close proximity to Langkawi there’s so much to do nearby.

These deals allow you to fly the Airbus A350 and on some dates it might be a Boeing 787 vs A350 competition, which is cool in its own way.

Dates: These deals are available on scattered dates between now and early December, and then again after January 8th for most of the year. You need to stay at least four nights to lock in the very lowest prices, but you’ll want to – trust us.

Booking: Search from EDI to PEN on Qatar Airways here.

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  1. I recently booked business flights from ZAG to DOH to BKK. It seems the route from ZAG to DOH only has reclining seats rather than lie-flat seats advertised by google. Have checked this with Qatar too! A bit disappointed.

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