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Flight deals shouldn’t require tricks…

Finding the best price for flights should be simple. One stop, one click and you should be able to work out the cheapest time to fly. Unfortunately, what should be, is often far from what actually exists. Norwegian has long offered a simple and easy calendar for finding cheap economy flights, but per Business Traveller, the airline has now rolled out a handy tool for finding their best fares in the premium cabin as well.

a screenshot of a calendarPremium Fare Finder

If you want to find the lowest prices for either of Norwegian’s cabins, you no longer need to click around. Norwegian’s Low Fare Calendar for economy flights now has company thanks to Premium Low Fare Calendar. Travelers can simply enter their route details and be presented with an entire calendar month of prices, making it immediately clear which day to leave. From the low fare calendar, one click takes any traveler to premium options with a month of pricing.

a white airplane in the skySimplicity Wins Fans

This move is a great way to win travel fans with simplicity. Travelers constantly book in fear, sure that a better price will be offered somewhere else, or that a trick has been missed. Visualizing a flight deal easier than ever thanks to the LowFare Tool, and will help travelers prioritize their ideal schedule needs versus the potential benefits of flexibility.

a row of grey and red seatsEnd Of An Era?

This news comes on the heels of Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjøs proclaiming that Norwegian, famous for low fares doesn’t think low airline fares can last. For now, nothing has changed and incredible flight deals are everywhere, like $150 one way flights from the US to Europe and vice versa. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching, and there’s no sign of things slowing down. With any luck, competition will continue to drive prices down, bringing more passengers up in the air.

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