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Balance is very important on all travel issues. The ultimate goal of this site is to elevate your travel. We attempt to do so with great deals, interesting uses of points, inspiration and travel tricks of the trade. We were gobsmacked by Norwegian Airlines handling of an unimpressive seven hour overnight delay- and more so the handling of rightfully due compensation to those affected. If you haven’t read it – this prompted us to write on the topic. Norwegian has corrected the issue, which leaves a few thoughts.

The Unspoken

We receive lots of mail from readers about travel issues- and we hope to continue to do so. Unfortunately without knowing  people or the circumstances it’s often hard to fully understand the situation for many of these messages. In the case of this Norwegian delay- my sister in law was on the flight. I knew the play by play, and as the person who took her to the airport- was there to witness. While I’m very glad that she; and now many other readers coincidentally on the flight have received emails that their compensation will be paid- I can’t help but think about the unspoken for.

From 1 Month To Less Than 24 Hours

While I’m very grateful and impressed that someone at Norwegian was on the ball when our previous post debuted– I see no coincidence. My sister in law and other readers on the flight were outright denied compensation. Further, it took Norwegian 1 month to respond and issue the denial, not even offering a reply to address. It felt like a 30 day lost cause. Perhaps we’re overvaluing our hand in this- but less than an hour after our article was seen by more than an arena full of people- passengers suddenly received proactive emails stating that their money would be processed ASAP and that an error had been made on the initial reply. A full 600 euro compensation in cash. The due amount.

Takeaway: We’re Here. Don’t Give Up

We get it- airlines have lots of issues to deal with, and paying out 600 euros per passenger is no fun, in addition to aircraft maintenance bills. BUT- it’s the rules in this scenario. Whatever travel issues you run into, airlines will often intentionally make it difficult and time consuming to get what’s fair or owed. Know that we (and other great blogs) are here to hear about your issues, and if it’s a serious one, we may write about it. We’ve been fans of what Norwegian has brought to international travel and took no joy in covering the issues- we just believe in fairness. It’s great to see Norwegian proactively dealing with this after the negative press, we just hope they’ll invest more in honoring claims without the attention.

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