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Balance is very important on all travel issues. The ultimate goal of this site is to elevate your travel. We attempt to do so with great deals, interesting uses of points, inspiration and travel tricks of the trade. We were gobsmacked by Norwegian Airlines handling of an unimpressive seven hour overnight delay- and more so the handling of rightfully due compensation to those affected. If you haven’t read it – this prompted us to write on the topic. Norwegian has corrected the issue, which leaves a few thoughts.

The Unspoken

We receive lots of mail from readers about travel issues- and we hope to continue to do so. Unfortunately without knowing  people or the circumstances it’s often hard to fully understand the situation for many of these messages. In the case of this Norwegian delay- my sister in law was on the flight. I knew the play by play, and as the person who took her to the airport- was there to witness. While I’m very glad that she; and now many other readers coincidentally on the flight have received emails that their compensation will be paid- I can’t help but think about the unspoken for.

From 1 Month To Less Than 24 Hours

While I’m very grateful and impressed that someone at Norwegian was on the ball when our previous post debuted– I see no coincidence. My sister in law and other readers on the flight were outright denied compensation. Further, it took Norwegian 1 month to respond and issue the denial, not even offering a reply to address. It felt like a 30 day lost cause. Perhaps we’re overvaluing our hand in this- but less than an hour after our article was seen by more than an arena full of people- passengers suddenly received proactive emails stating that their money would be processed ASAP and that an error had been made on the initial reply. A full 600 euro compensation in cash. The due amount.

Takeaway: We’re Here. Don’t Give Up

We get it- airlines have lots of issues to deal with, and paying out 600 euros per passenger is no fun, in addition to aircraft maintenance bills. BUT- it’s the rules in this scenario. Whatever travel issues you run into, airlines will often intentionally make it difficult and time consuming to get what’s fair or owed. Know that we (and other great blogs) are here to hear about your issues, and if it’s a serious one, we may write about it. We’ve been fans of what Norwegian has brought to international travel and took no joy in covering the issues- we just believe in fairness. It’s great to see Norwegian proactively dealing with this after the negative press, we just hope they’ll invest more in honoring claims without the attention.

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  1. Clearly, paying 600 euros to passenger(s) is a big issue for these airlines cause they don’t want to (which they are entitled to). Plus they will use every lie in the book in order to avoid paying out. It’s only because you’ve written about this, that they are now paying attention. Otherwise, they will just brush it aside, like your’re nobody. IBERIA are one of the worst airlines in Europe when it comes to claiming for a delayed flight. I’ve been waiting for almost a year now and they still haven’t paid up.

  2. Had a 25hr delay with Norwegian a couple of years ago and they only paid up with the start of legal action

  3. Norwegian behaviour unchanged unless of course you write an online article about their appalling customer service and disregard for rules.

    I was also on the same flight as your sister in law and experienced all of the same issues that you mentioned in your online post. I even had a Norwegian customer service assistance saying that the flight had departed on time and landed as scheduled. It was only when I informed them that I had been on the plane that they corrected this statement. They behaviour appears endemic to deny first as default.

    I have yet to receive any update or payment from Norwegian ( even though you state “passengers suddenly received proactive emails stating that their money would be processed ASAP” ).

    Maybe I need relatives working in the media to ensure that Norwegian abide by rules.

    The Unspoken.

  4. Appears that Norwegian Airlines continue to offer appalling customer service and disregard the rules.
    I was also on the same flight as your sister in law and also experienced the same disruption and inconvenience that was written about in the article.
    However, unlike your relative, my claim for compensation is still ongoing. No response or update on the status from Norwegian despite them clearly acknowledging responsibility through payment. No “proactive email stating money would be processed ASAP” (as stated in your post).
    It would appear that they are only compliant to rules when publicly shamed by onsite media.
    The Unspoken

  5. I’m at the start of what may be a long battle (3.5hr delay), I fear ….

    The delay to my flight D81609 was caused by a delay to the incoming flight D81609 4 Nov 2017.

    This delay was not caused by weather as you assert – please see below.

    Aircraft B38M 737 MAX departed EDI 18:05 and landed at YUL 21:42 EDT

    We were told there was a technical fault on B38M and it was diverted to YUL – records prove this

    Aircraft B738 737-800 departed YUL 23:14 EDT arriving 00:00 EDT +1 BDL

    Weather in your ‘network’ was not the reason for this delay – you changed the aircraft at YUL

    I was expecting a 737 MAX to arrive rather than a 737-800 and gate staff confirmed there had been a technical fault and B38M was diverted to YUL. I also have the evidence that another customer was told exactly the same by your gate agent.

    Within the Regulation and the case you quoted this is not considered to be an exception circumstance.

    I have copied in the UK CAA and will raise a formal complaint if you fail to respond accordingly.

  6. This is the response I received from Norwegian for my LA to London flight. Looking at flight history, the 2 previous flights with same plane between LA and London were around 4 hours late. Upon departing LA, the captain said the part of the delay (3 hours) was due to no airport crew to unload the incoming flight due to it delayed arrival. No mention of compensation.

    Thank you for contacting Norwegian and apologies for the long reply time.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience, disappointment or frustration caused by the delay of your flight DY7096 from Los Angeles to London Gatwick on the 5th of March 2018. Unfortunately this flight was delayed by 5 hours and 55 minutes. The delay was caused by an earlier disruption within our network that had a direct effect on this flight. The original flight was disrupted due to unforeseen difficulties with the facilities at the airport.

    We understand that punctuality is vital for our passengers, and Norwegian strives to ensure that all flights operate according to schedule. Regrettably, due to the nature of air travel, delays and cancellations are unavoidable and do occur from time to time.

    We hope that you enjoyed your experiences on board your flights and we hope to have the opportunity to welcome you on board when you next choose to travel.

  7. I have had issues with them as well. I went through ADR and they made them pay up, without charging me anything at all. 1200 Euros back – which Norwegian should’ve just given us this compensation in the first place. If anyone is stuck and feels although you’re entitled to something I would go through them.

    1. What/who is ADR? I’ve spent 40 hours going through travel hell with Norwegian and am trying to figure out the best way to get compensation.

  8. Hi

    I was with Norwegian from JFK to Oslo and then Billund – all handled by Norwegian (booked throgh them). But they at least three times postponed the departure time from JFK – not changing the time from Oslo. So we (three kids my self and a friend) ended up with an expected TOA 14.25 and the departing plane from Oslo left 14.05.

    Surely enough coming out of the plaine, through security check and running to the gate – the gate was completely empty. No problem for Norwegian giving us 3 rooms, food for the night and morning and the bus. But we got an 19 hous delay and the kids was totally disappointed.
    Anyway I made a claim the day after we arrived (22/07-2018) and got a respons of having received the claim for 3000 EUR.
    Nothing happened yet and there is no whereto ask for status. Maybe I should just hand it over to some of the companies specializing in getting the customers money back or get in contact with my lawer.

    I ‘m not sure I will fly with that company the next couples of years 🙁


  9. I recently traveled with Norwegian airlines from Gatwick London to Oakland, CA and it was horrible. I had to purchase a one way ticket at the price of 1349 USD. Online the price listed was 899 USD. But at the time of checking out/completing the purchase the price kept going up! So i had to contact the airline through phone and spoke to an agent. The agent did not know what to say and told me to just submit a claim for the difference. Here i am with no refund for the difference and no response from the airline. You know the price listed should have been respected it is unfair and deceptive because it is false advertising. I would have never chose to pay 1349 USD for a one way ticket unless it was an emergency which it was. They should be ashamed.

  10. BTW, it’s important that the deay clock only stops when the plane reaches the gate and the door is opened .. per the EU regulation definition.
    Landing can be twenty to tnirty minute less than arrival.

    My flight landed at 2hrs 58 minutes delay but arrived at 3 hrs 16 minutes.

  11. Our Norwegian flight to BOS from FCO was canceled in the middle of the night last night. I was given the option to book another flight but nothing was available for three more nights. I had to book accommodations for three additional nights on the tail end of an 11 day trip to Italy for my parents and my kids who start school very soon. It is costing us thousands of dollars. Norwegian has not answered the phone and there is no contact information for submitting reimbursements online. Two calls to their number with a fifty minute wait without anyone answering the phone. I will never fly Norwegian again. My “premium” seat on the way to Rome was broken and had to be reclined for me each time by the attendant lifting up the cushion; it was a sign.

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