Flight delays and cancellations are nothing to laugh at, but you have to admit, the titles and reasons behind them are getting pretty amusing. Be it a special kind of British meltdown, or any of the countless other “you had one job” issues that keep flights all around the world from departing on time, the good news is that getting paid when things go wrong has never been easier. AirHelp, our favorite company for doing all the work to get you paid for flight delays, cancellations and meltdowns just introduced a new feature where a boarding pass is all you need to get your dough!

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We’ll Cut To The Chase: AirHelp Will Handle All The Paperwork And Fight Necessary To Get You Paid By The Airline, They’ll Take 25% For Their Effort…

AirHelp is an app (and website) which aims to get travelers what they deserve from airlines. Since airlines try to make that as hard as possible for most passengers, having an experienced team who know how to get things done is easy, and best of all effortless. Who’s got the time for all the paperwork?

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And You’re Owed Money In ALL Of The Following Flight Situations Worldwide…

The most common and easiest way to know you’re owed money is if you’re flying to or from the European Union. If you’re leaving the European Union, flying anywhere, on any airline, a flight delayed more than 3 hours or cancelled is entitled to cash compensation. Anything over about five hours is entitled to €650, shorter flights less. If you’re going to the European Union on a European carrier, the same rules apply. Elsewhere in the world, if an airline damages your bag, is delayed, cancelled or causes any other disruptions, there’s no specific rules, but you can almost always get compensation in the form of miles or money. AirHelp can help there too…

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To Make Things Easier, They Can Automatically Search For Flights That Owe You Money Up To 3 Years Back, Or You Can Just Snap A Picture Of Your Boarding Pass…

If you want to make things really effortless, you can login on your desktop and opt (with your permission) for their inbox crawler to look through your flight history for flights that are owed compensation. I for one would be pretty excited to see $650 or more sitting in my old inbox. Thanks to their brilliant new app feature, you can also snap a picture of your boarding pass for a flight that’s delayed or cancelled and with a single touch they’ll help you automate a claim.

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They Do The Work, Deal With the Airline, They Take Their 25% You Get Paid ASAP…

Once you agree to file through AirHelp, everything is handled on your behalf and a check or direct debit is sent as promptly as possible. In many cases, they’re a lot better at winning claims than the average passenger, who gets fully encircled with red tape so giving up just 25% of something you may have gotten nothing from on your own is pretty fantastic. If you’re a busy person who wants cash compensation they’re the best in the business (otherwise we wouldn’t use them ourselves). Check out AirHelp here. 

I believe in AirHelp so much, I agreed to become their first brand ambassador. Getting passengers what they deserve is crucially important.

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