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There’s a big trend bubbling in travel right now and it’s one that most people can really get excited about. Countries are dropping testing requirements for the fully vaccinated in a bid to win back visitors.

Cases were clearly an important metric earlier in the pandemic, but the move toward an endemic means that hospitalizations and deaths are now the key numbers to follow and the benefits of testing may be outweighed by the negatives. Many people simply won’t travel if there’s a risk of asymptomatically testing positive abroad.

After a flurry of countries and states dropped testing in recent weeks, including the UK, Hawaii, and Oman, The Maldives is now the latest dreamy place to drop requirements, ushering in a new era of post pandemic travel.

If you’re considering a trip to the Maldives or heading there soon, here’s exactly what to expect from these new entry protocols — and a few bits of nuance.

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Maldives Drops Testing For Vaccinated On March 5th

Effective March 5th, 2022 fully vaccinated visitors are no longer required to take a Covid-19 test prior to departure from their home country, or before their return.

All other visitors who haven’t received their full Covid-19 vaccination dosage more than 14 days prior to arrival must still test negative using a PCR test prior to departure.

The last and only remaining Covid-19 related protocol is that all visitors must fill out a passenger health locator form. The form can be found here. The relaxed rules apply to all visitors staying on inhabited islands, but that should also cover most resorts.

This leaves the door open for resorts on their own islands to request or require a PCR test, even though the country does not, but thus far few — if any — have. Even if this was required, it would only apply to enter the resort and not as a necessity before air travel to the Maldives.

a house with a pool on the water

A Great Time To Visit The Maldives

The Maldives has long been a leading country in tourism and hospitality, with an unmatched setting to draw people in.

During the pandemic, the country balanced the need for safety with a deep need for tourism by creating standard setting Covid-19 test protocols and other requirements to keep a flow of visitors, but also keep people as safe as possible. As one of the few “open” places, it almost became too popular.

But now, with the world opening again and choices galore opening left and right, there’s serious value to be had in The Maldives, as countries compete once again to lure visitors. And don’t forget, The Maldives also became the world’s first country to launch a loyalty program for visitors, so you’ve got that going for you!

You can read the details of these testing changes directly from the Maldivian Tourism authorities, here.

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  1. Hahaha the nonsense continues. No consideration the vaccine that actually works, the one called Natural Immunity. Fools continuing to require a vaccine that does NOT keep you from catching it and does NOT keep you from spreading it. Only people getting real sick now are the woefully unhealthy with numerous other comorbidity factors. WAKE UP! END THE MADNESS!

  2. I’m a pure blood (no c19 vaxxine), so I just avoid countries with non-sense like this.

    Anyone who believes in medical apartheid in 2022 can not have my money.

  3. Gilbert, my wife has not been vaxxed (MS related doctor recommendation). We are looking for locations like the Maldives, etc. where she can go (testing is fine). Recently visited Maui for Christmas, it was great, relaxing, we are looking for similar destinations. Would you be publishing anything for folks like us. If not do you recommend how to best research? Thanks much for your efforts!

    For the critics, she / we are not antivax whatsoever. (And yes, we have both had covid)

    1. Hey Jim, no judgement at all. If you don’t mind the testing, the Maldives is pure relaxation and spectacular. I’d say for other options, islands of Greece are wonderful in spring, summer and early fall too, and places like South America are wonderful for a getaway. South Africa, it’s endless. Most are happy to trade a test for lack of vaccination and you can use the resource below to help find current rules.

  4. Asia or Africa ( now dangerous) are the places to be..so many..fair prices..the greedy Maledives are just an extremely boring Rippoff! ( Diving shit, snorkeling shit, food shit, crazy prices for food and drinks) A NOGO!

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