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When you hear about loyalty program in travel, the first thought is usually airlines or hotels. Definitely not destinations, but that may be changing. The Maldives is launching an innovative new world first loyalty program, which rewards repeat visitors with perks as they climb up the ranks. It’s a far cry from the arrival experience in some countries!

Maldives Border Miles Program

The Maldives is creating a world first, launching a rewards program with benefits for crossing their border. According to the promotional materials, visitors will earn miles for each border crossing and “special occasion”, which will allow them to earn perks as they move up the three tiers of the program.

The Maldives new ‘Maldives Border Miles‘ rewards program, which goes live in December, is broken down into three tiers, with each guest starting off at Bronze. The rewards program awards miles and “privileges” for each entry, and also extra miles the longer you stay. The Maldives “Border Miles” tiers break down like this.

  • Bronze – Aida
  • Silver – Antara
  • Gold – Abaarana

And yes, in case you were wondering, the Maldives is currently open to visitors. You’ll just need a recent negative covid-19 test, but that’s the only thing stopping you. Even Americans!

st regis maldives
The St. Regis Maldives

Specific benefit details are currently scarce, but it wouldn’t be outrageous to assume certain fast track privileges, or perhaps even resort transfers could be earned as you move up the tiers. Speaking about the new program, officials expressed the desire to actually welcome visitors from the moment they land.

“The hotel reception is not where the tourists begin their holiday. Their awaited journey begins from the welcoming smile of the immigration officer at the border, which indeed narrates the initial chapter of a memorable vacation. And with the introduction of Maldives Border Miles, we are prepared to welcome them with privileges and facilitate an experience like never before.”

Mr. Mohamed Ahmed Hussain, Controller General, Maldivian Immigration

The revolutionary rewards program which actually encourages visitors to join, rather than simply terrifying everyone about the thought of travel – cough, certain countries – is being launched in partnership with Maldivian Immigration, as well as the Ministry of Tourism, and other stakeholders. In the Maldives, that often means resorts too.

Could you earn a free night in the Maldives via the program? Who knows, but it’s a joy to think that a country is creating a program to entice visitors and encourage long stay trips, rather than detract them. We’ll update this article once registration links to join yet another loyalty program are live.

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