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Followed by the success of London, JetBlue had a particularly compelling announcement today. Paris, yep, Paris. JetBlue has announced Paris Flights starting in the summer of 2023.

JetBlue Paris Flights – JFK to CDG

Anecdotally, it just seems to make sense. Demand for transatlantic leisure travel is undoubtedly on the up-tick, and that demand always focuses on London and Paris. JetBlue plans to launch nonstop service between New York (JFK) and Paris (Charles de Gaulle Airport – CDG) and will later add additional nonstop service between Boston Logan (BOS) and Paris (CDG).

JetBlue Paris Flights
JetBlue to Bring Airline’s Style and Service to the City of Lights with Paris Flights in 2023

“JetBlue effect” – Lower Fares and MINT

You will notice the aircraft is the 321LR, which I have spoken about before. The plane carries only 138 seats, with 114 in the “Core” coach cabin and 24 suites at the front.

It might sound a bit dramatic, but this “JetBlue effect” represents a continuation of the elevated product and creativity that has made JetBlue a popular alternative to other transatlantic carriers. This product includes redesigned coach seats, the ability to order a meal and side, on a touch screen, in coach, as well as the amazing Mint Suites.

a seat in an airplane
JetBlue Mint Suite

The “Spirit” To Connect More People To Europe

This seems like a rather natural move considering that the JetBlue/Spirit combination will be the fifth largest carrier in the US, with a 9-10% market share. It is a rather exciting possibility with regard to how the network will eventually operate. JFK and BOS are natural choices since they represent significant connecting as well as local (nonstop) traffic to Europe.

Only time will tell if plans for a merger with Spirit could serve up feeder traffic from markets that have rarely enjoyed “cheap” fares to Europe. If you recall, other exciting transatlantic “start-ups” like OpenSkies, which operated between New York and Paris Orly, never truly developed this potential feeder traffic.

Also, there will now be the possibility to combine JetBlue flights from the USA to London and returns via Paris or vice-versa.


The Excitement Is Real – JetBlue Paris Flights

If you followed a bit of the journey of JetBlue and London, it is pretty realistic to expect some stellar flight deals to Paris. Seats for JetBlue’s first Continental Europe destination will go on sale in the coming months. We shall be watching this closely since nothing is better than a weekend in Paris!

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