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JetBlue has officially entered the chat.

After unveiling one of the more intriguing business cabins of the year, and showcasing a refined economy experience, which sounds miles ahead of most, JetBlue is done with the talk. They’re now officially selling flights between New York and London, with the first flight set to depart on August 12th.

With prices under £1000 departing London, and under $2k starting from the USA, JetBlue is already making a dent in transatlantic pricing, and with economy fares in the high £200’s or sub $600, respectively, there’s a lot to like.

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JetBlue London Flights On Sale

JetBlue flight number 7 will depart August 12th for London Heathrow on August 12th, marking the inaugural flight for the route, at least as current scheduling goes. The return from Heathrow will operate JetBlue flight 20.

Both flights allow full days of work in either city, with the New York JFK-London Heathrow departure taking off at 9:48PM, with an arrival in London just after 10. The return segment from Heathrow to New York will depart at 6:10PM, arriving into New York just after 9:30PM.

The standout mention in this exciting development is sub £1000 business class fares from London, which are sure to spur a “price war” with the regular competitors out of London. When airlines compete, we win.

Being able to book JetBlue’s new ‘Mint’ business class cabin for under £1000 round trip for departures out of London, or for $1900 round trip out of New York JFK is excellent pricing.

GSTP expects fares will actually drop lower, as other airlines match and compete with this initial offer. Flights are bookable at JetBlue, and can soon be found on Google Flights. They’re not there, for now.

The best fares tend to be found post summer, for autumn travel, coinciding with the second JetBlue London flight, which will fly into London Gatwick from September 30th.

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Will The US & UK Open?

The short answer is yes. That’s what’s expected. Hopes had been pinned on early announcement of ending the travel ban for the UK and EU to enter the USA in early May, but it appears plans to do so are timed around Biden’s first trip abroad in early June.

The UK is currently open to Americans, provided they quarantine for at least 5 days and agree to take a series of covid-19 tests, at great cost (£200+).

It’s entirely possible that borders will open before that early June date, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll remain closed much beyond that date. In other words, with JetBlue launching in August, flights from that date onward are expected to be safe booking, provided the global situation continues to improve.

With sub £1000 business class, there’s a lot to love. For the US market, which rarely teeters below $2,000 round trip, it’s a good start – but further would be nice!

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  1. I’ll look forward to a West Coast US non-stop to London from them… that could be game-changing over here on the Pacific side.

  2. Looking to book a LGW to JFK flight, Jet Blue have forgotten to amend to the UK telephone format so no contact info can be entered.

  3. Using iOS the Jet Blue website and app not working for me to look for flights or register (field issue)

  4. Thanks Gilbert for excellent write up.

    The UK price has suddenly now jumped to £1276 for all dates. Do you think it will go down again to £999, or should I book for £1276 before it goes up? I would like to fly LHR – JFK late November.

    1. Hey Suzzane,

      I would think as other airlines release sales prices will drop again. £1276 is a good price always, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it went lower again during a limited time sale. I’ll definitely cover if it does!

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