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Andiamo, Italia!

April 1st and May 1st, remember those dates. These two springtime dates will mark the most significant milestones in Italy’s response to the global Covid-19 health crisis since things kicked off.

Travel will get easier and things like dining or visiting museums will too.

From the 1st of April, Italy will begin relaxing things like social distancing requirements domestically and ending a mandatory period of isolation for those who were in close contact to a positive Covid-19 case.

Starting in May, just in time for the tourism season, things will relax even further and notably “green” passes — required to enter indoor spaces will disappear.

Here’s everything you need to know about Italy’s Covid-19 plans, to help prepare for your next upcoming trip, or to plan one accordingly.


Italy Phasing Out Travel & Domestic Restrictions

Italy hasn’t made it easy for Americans and other visitors from outside the EU to enjoy the beautiful country, which requires no sales pitch at all. That’s set to change.

A “green pass” is currently required for virtually all indoor spaces — and protocols for visitors from outside the EU to convert their proof of vaccination into one were never clear and constantly changing.

A series of limitations on indoor capacities and other factors made reservations a near requirement for anything tourism related as well as fundamentally limiting evening options.

But from April 1st, Italy will begin to phase out the “green pass” for indoor venues and hotels and effective May 1st, 2022, Italy’s ‘Green Pass’ will phase out entirely, and mask use along with it. Here’s the timeline for all things restriction.

April 1st to April 30st

On April 1st, Italy will end mandatory isolation for people deemed close contacts of positive Covid-19 cases. This is big for inbound travelers, who often found themselves unsuspectedly forced to isolate after arrival. Big confidence boost, for sure.

Green passes will remain mandatory, which means most outside visitors from non EU countries, or without reciprocal vaccination proof agreements will need to be tested for Covid-19 regularly to access most indoor spaces.

Masks will still be required on all modes of transport and indoors from April 1st, 2022 through the end of the month.

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May 1st Onward: Italy Ditches Restrictions

From May 1st, Italy will drop both ‘Green Pass’ requirements for all indoor venues and also all mask mandates for transportation and indoor settings. This is a huge move for the country which will ensure travel in summer 2022 feels much like the days of old.

Of course, anyone who wishes to continue wearing face coverings is welcomed to. The only exception to the mask policy is said to be airports, where they may be left in force, pending a review. They will no longer be required on trains, buses or other modes.

Hotels, museums, restaurants, bars and clubs will no longer require any masking.

More To Come In June?

Italy is expected to remove all Covid-19 restrictions on June 15th, including any travel related requirements, passenger locator forms and other lingering rules.

It’s widely expected that in line with the UK and Ireland, among others, no proof of vaccination will be required from this date which will effectively make all arrivals equal again.

If you’re thinking about visiting Italy this summer, things should get more “normal”, whatever that means at this point, by the day. Authorities have warned that all plans are subject to change due to any unforeseen shifts. Like many things in travel, take it all with a pinch of optimism and flexibility.

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  1. Perfect timing for me as I’m flying to Milan June 19th for the Rolling Stones concert at San Siro stadium,didn’t want to see Mick Jagger singing with a mask on hahaha.

  2. Heading to Italy on April 1st with UK proof of vaccination.
    Does Uk have reciprocal agreement with Italy, or do I need to convert to green pass?

  3. Heading to Italy on 9 April from the UK with my wife and 14 yr old daughter, do I need to fill out the PL form or any vaccines needed?

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